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Unsuccessful CV

Just an update from my post yesterday.

Unfortunately after three attempts I was not brought back to NSR. I think they said after the first attempt I reverted but it lasted less than 60 seconds, not totally sure as I was still a bit fuzzy so I'll have to wait till I see the specialist again on the 18th Aug. feeling a little disappointed but I'm hoping there are still options available.

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Very sorry to hear that it didn't work. Must have been a real downer. Good luck with the appointment on the 18th.

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Yes, a bit disappointing, but I think just 60 seconds can still be counted as not a failure or even a short success. But it would have been so nice for it to have continued. They will have learnt something useful though.



Six Cardioversions did not keep me in sinus rhythm. The second Catheter Ablation (CA) has lasted a year. Suggest you head quickly in the direction of an EP (Electophysiologist) either through your visit to A and E or through your Doctor. Plenty information on The AF Association web site to find out which is the best centre of excellence for treatment of CA near you. You could Email them as well and ask. They are extremely helpful. Keep reading this blog site and learn as much as possible. Join a support Group. We have our support group meeting today (York and Leeds). Dave.


Thanks Dave but I'm in Australia.

I have an appointment with an EP on Aug 18. Thanks for your suggestion.


Oh! Dear. Sorry. Funny that my brother is just off Skype to Sydney. Anyway it's a long way for a pint, York UK that is. You might have a support group near you Go for gold on the 18th. Cheers. Dave.


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