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CV query

For anyone with PAF who has had a cardioversion (cos the drugs don't work), how long roughly has this held your AF at bay? I ask because it's just occurred to me that it's been nearly a month since I was in AF and previously I was getting an episode just about every two weeks, so although I'm now on 1.25mg Bisoprolol a day and taking daily Magnesium (desperately clutching at straws it feels like) I just wondered if actually it was the cardioversion I had on 2nd September that has staved off the AF since then?

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Realistically a cardioversion is not a cure for AF. It is like re-booting your computer and putting everything back to maker's settings. If it holds that is great but if your heart feels like going back into AF it won't stop it.

What is interesting is that you say you usually had events about once a fortnight so why did you have the CV? Was one particularly bad? DCCV is normally used to shock people out of AF which has persisted for some time or which has reached a dangerously high rate. Not for paroxysmal AF from my experience.' unless just after ablation.


The last episode of AF was alternating with bouts of tachycardia, not particularly high rates (about 130bpm) but with no signs of stopping after 36 hours, so I finally went to A&E as I was feeling so unwell. The docs told me guidelines say a CV can be done after 48 hours, so after giving me Sotalol and then a large dose of Bisoprolol, neither of which did anything, they admitted me overnight and did the CV the next day.

Huge relief on my part to be back in sinus after all that time, it's a wonderful feeling, like being given your life back after the AF has taken it away.

I do realise that this won't last and I can expect another episode of AF any time, so am still wary of making any kind of plans except at the last minute on the day itself if I've woken up okay (drives my poor husband crazy as he's definitely one for planning ahead) but experience has taught me that's how it needs to be at the moment. The last episode happened the same night we'd picked up our eldest grandson to stay with us for a few days before he went back to uni, so I didn't get to see him apart from the day he left.

I just wondered if perhaps others had had the experience of a temporary lull in the relentless episodes of AF/tachycardia, something that gives me a bit of hope, that's all.


mrsg46 , please don't put your life on hold . A further attack could be months/ years away and anyhow you will cope with it .

I have found that stress, be it good or bad stress can help to trigger a fast rate . Maybe this could be the reason when your rate flipped with your grandson visiting ? I'm talking about ' good stress ,' here of course !


I feel the same had an ablation 4 weeks ago have had AF attacks during that period one that I had to go to hospital with but I still don't feel right on 10mg of bisopral and 10mg of Apixban not gone back to work yet feel exhausted all the time and a heavy pressure on my chest but I feel like I can't plan my life never know when I'm going to have an AF because when I do have one they make me feel really unwell is it me or do others feel the same thanks


No, I don't think it's just you, I know exactly what you mean about being unable to plan ahead in case AF gets in the way, as it does make you feel very unwell and unable to carry out even the smallest of tasks.

Mind you, as others have often said on here, it does take at least three months and maybe longer for the lasting effects of an ablation to make themselves known, so I hope you'll make a full recovery and be able to put the AF behind you and start making plans for the future.

All the best, Kate

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Thanks Kate I was beginning to think it was just me just really want to feel much better in myself and enjoy life Maria


I've had C ardioversions which have lasted anything from 4 years down to one week ! One year has probably been vety common and latterly I'm lasting 6/ 8 months . I take an anti arrhythmic drug...Disopyramide as well.


I was AF free for 16 months after CV. I stayed on Bisoprolol during that time but came off Amiodarone, which I had been taking for about 7 years. Not sure whether it was the withdrawal of the Amiodarone or the fact that I bought a rowing machine, something I had never used before, that made it return.


Mine lasted nearly 10 months - I had no episodes of AF at all during that time but then went back into persistent AF. As far as I can work out a CV is rarely if ever a permanent fix sadly.



Mine only lasted four days!

The ideal time to do a Conversion is within 48hrs of the event !

I went into hospital for another conversion, on arrival I was back in sinus rhythm!

Not had another, decided to stick with medication!


I had my CV in October 2015 after 6 weeks of Bisoprolol (10mg) induced hell! I'm now on Bisoprolol (5mg) and symptom free. I had an ICD fitted in August 2016 which to date hasn't done anything but just sits in my chest...waiting!


Thank you to all of you for replying and for sharing your own experiences, very much appreciated.

It seems, like AF, that one size does not fit all, but it does give me hope that perhaps it will take a little longer than the two week intervals I was experiencing previously before I have another episode, which is wonderful to contemplate.


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