Cancelled CV

Absolutely gutted...I've been waiting 6 months for a CV and thursday 26th was the day. I've made all my travel arrangements etc and then today I get a call out of the blue that a low INR on the THIRD of march means I have to wait another week. I don't understand why they didn't contact me earlier.

My last 3 have been in range and the main reason for the duff one was an excess of paracetamol after a road accident.....and that was prescribed by my GP, although the sprout binge wouldn't have helped LOL.

That's it..rant over, but what a disappointment !!

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  • Really boring for you, especially having the low INR so long ago clobber the plans. Sympathies.

  • I'm not surprised you're fed up if you've had to make particular travel arrangements only to have your CV put back a week. Hope it all goes well for you next week, it's so near to Easter so trust it will be done and dusted by then.

  • So sorry I had a cancelled ablation due to lack of beds and my husband

    had gone back home after dropping me off at 7am. So can fully sympathise its a b....... count to ten and carry on. I had to wait another


  • Hi Scrumpy

    That's a real bu**er, but it is in your best interests, remember that elective CV's will increase the risk of any clot that has formed being released and we need the high INR for a month previous to ensure that the likliehood of a clot is low.

    So whilst I fully understand about travel arrangements and sheer disappointment, they are thinking of you, not themselves.

    Be well


  • I had a CV over two years ago. It was later than scheduled because the hospital forgot to make the appointment when I was discharged after heart surgery. A few days beforehand, my INR dropped to 1.9. There was a lot of discussion between the cardiac nurse, my consultant and the team doing the CV. Eventually I was told to up the Warfarin dose for a few days. On the morning of the procedure, I was in INR range but the CV team still wanted to cancel. I sent them off to see my consultant who said it was OK. They went ahead after explaining that I was marginally more at risk. Even though I was in INR range, the fact that I was out of range for maybe a few days out of 30 made things more risky. One of many reasons I do not trust Warfarin and find the testing regime unacceptable.

  • Another example of the benefit of being on a Noac. I agree with Mrs Pat....the testing regime whilst on Warfarin was causing me to feel depressed...I know it sounds selfish but I am being honest. Progression in medicine is a great thing and Noacs are definitely the way forward. I am so grateful to be on Apixaban. Just my tuppence worth. Regards Patricia.

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