AF and Cake/Sugar (again)

My daughter-in-law has come to visit from London. As she is a Dr specialising in neurology I have been picking her brains. I told her about our recent discussions about cake triggering arrhythmia and about preservatives. She does not think that preservatives would cause us trouble. She is adamant that bought cake contains huge amounts of sugar. A sugar rush produces the release of insulin. This results in energy going to blood and then being transported to muscles. And as the heart is a muscle - bingo - possible arrhythmia.

I apologise for my simplistic interpretation of her conclusions but hopefully you will find it helpful.

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  • Makes total sense and thank you for posting, jennydog. I had a day of 'social sugary eating' on Friday, hoped to get off with it but really paid the bitter price on Saturday with the worst heart day since I started Flecainide two years ago.

    Always say 'lesson learned' but with me, it's only till next time. ☹️

  • Jennydog, I can certainly see the sense in this .

    I adopted principle of LCHF diet a couple of weeks ago which included cutting out ' sugary treats ' which had crept back into my diet.

    However this didn't stop me going back into fast AF again early last Wednesday morning ( after a 7+ month ' break ' ). I ended up having my 16th DC cardioversion later that day which put me back into NSR with 50j at first attempt.


    PS shall still be pursuing LCHF !!

  • Thanks for this and it does make sense. I know I read somewhere that preservatives are a known trigger, but the warning was about preservatives on chips, like Doritos.

  • Many thanks Jenny. I have curtailed my sugary tooth quite a bit (not easy and there are relapses) as I just don't feel as well and I believe my tinnitus goes up in volume. Great to have a logical explanation though.

  • Ah sugar... I am on a diet and it is my nemesis. I do wish, given the negatives, that I could wave a wand and not love it! I'm sure your daughter is right. I hope this gives me the willpower to say no to it!

  • added complication with cakes is that some contain mascarpone cheese and if cheese is a trigger then off we go - the worst AF I have ever had was from an MandS baked alaska which contains the difficult to spot mascarpone.

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