AF after hysterectomy

Well that's been an interesting couple of days!

Hysterectomy Wed afternoon, tremendous shaking on coming out of the anaesthetic and a bout of AF to top it off that evening, which, unusually for me, lasted until about 11 the following morning. I've never seen so many different doctors in one day!

Anyway, safely back in NSR much to everyone's relief and drinking (water!) and eating my way to health. 😊


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  • Hi glad u ok I had one back a few years ago but it it was the best thing I ever done good luck on recovery X

  • A hysterectomy, in my view, is a very smart move indeed. All the best for a trouble free and gentle recovery.

    It can be useful to have AF while you are in hospital because it can generate helpful data for your EP. Do ask for copies of any ECGs that get taken.

    But watch the eating because it can be all too easy to add half a stone a year for the next few years.

  • The eating was my mistake!

  • Mine too. When I eventually reached the weight I had been the day before our daughter was born, I realised (for the first time in my life) that I would have to watch the calories.

  • I was smart and stopped looking at the scale when pregnant but sure I reached that too LOL

  • I didn't weigh myself at home but they made you get on the scales at the clinic. I was getting on a tiny bit - 39 - and got watched.

  • oh they weighed me at the hospital constantly -- I had pre-eclampsia and was building up fluid fast. I just refused to look or hear :)

  • Not just me then!!!

  • Already got the copies of the ECGs. Yes, I've seen warnings about weight gain and am keen to avoid that if at all possible.


  • You've got your finger on the pulse - so to speak!

    One of the good things about having AF is that it definitely encourages us to eat and live healthily.

    Enjoy the leisure that's ahead of you.

  • Tough times. Take your time to recover, everyone will tell you this but I didn't believe them - it takes a very long time to totally recover - 2 years. I was 35 when had hysterectomy and healed very quickly but boy - I was in bed by 7pm most nights and my energy did take 2 years to return!

    Agree with Tracey - it was also the best thing I ever did as I was SO much healthier after it and actually woke up feeling well for the first time in years. I was done with having children, but I know many women who found it a huge emotional loss.

    Anyway take it easy and have a good recovery. Best wishes CD

  • Thanks CD - appreciate the thoughts.


  • Glad to hear you're better. Apparently it's kinda of common to go into afib after surgery -- oh the joys of afib. But if you went back to NSR on your own that is a very good sign. Hope you feel better soon.

  • please don't think I'm being flippant, but have you noticed Bob and Beancounter are keeping out of this one......can't think why!!! Just hope all goes well for you Caroline, it sounds like you have had a busy week!!


  • Update - hysterectomy itself has gone fine. Up and about, walking and was able to have a shower this morning!

    2nd AF episode this morning but managed to sort itself within about an hour. I'm giving them a mix of temperature spikes, AF and low blood pressure but only ever one at a time!


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