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Hysterectomy & AF


I was wondering if anyone with AF has had a hysterectomy. I have AF and I'm taking flecanide, bisoprol ,ramipril and warfarin. I see my gynae consultant tomorrow to discuss having a hysterectomy but I know previously he has not been keen due to meds and AF. For the last 2 years I've had a coil but it isn't working . I have PCOS and suffer with menorrhagia.

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I had a hysterectomy before being diagnosed with AF and had palpitations afterwards but a few years ago I had an eight hour operation on my back. I was told by the cardiologist at the preop checkup that I could expect to go into AF afterwards and I did but I was OK.

I think your consultant should discuss this with your cardiologist/EP. Having a chronic disabling condition will also affect your heart. I had no AF for several years after I recovered.

Best wishes!


Thank you for your reply.

I had cardio version in 2012 and have had very few episodes of AF. I have noticed over the last 3 weeks since symptoms re pcos/coil expelled I am now frequently getting the heart beat in my right ear, which previously has been when I'm in AF. I'm not sure if this can be due to gynae problems or not.


I have had the same in my left ear for years only just heard it may be due to AF leaving a small clot that the pumping blood has to by pass.

I had several scans when first started and a small blip was found however they refused to treat as it would be like finding a needle in a haystack, so this obnoxious little professor said in Manchester.

From then on they continue to call it tinnitus but I know it's not.


Hi Vicky. Ive had a hysterectomy, 2 ops for breast cancer and a minor knee op all whilst I have AF. Surgeons and anaesthnatist knew about it and made sure they had IV flecainide in operating theatres incase I needed it. I didnt. All was ok.

They just keep a closer eye on you post op when back on the ward.

Hope you get some advise from a good surgeon


I had breast cancer op last june and all was fine. Pre op appointment they go through everything with you, tell you what meds you can take on the day ect. They do take extra care when you have AF but I was fine .

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