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48 hrs post Cryo-ablation

I have just had a cryo-ablation done by Dr Sahu (Sheffield) and all has gone well so far, but time will tell. I have had PAF for about 7 years, getting around one episode lasting 2/3 days every month. Last year things got worse and I went persistent for a period of 3 months and had 2 cardioversions. I was on warfarin, losartan and also put on bisoprolol but decided that I wanted something done. This pesky AF was affecting my lifestyle and making things very inconvenient. I consulted my NHS cardiologist and also had a couple of private consultations and they agreed that ablation was a logical way to go. Cryo-ablation arranged and sod's law applied and I had no AF for the 8 weeks beforehand! Because of my history, and comments on this Forum about AF being progressive, I decided to proceed. General anaesthetic. Proceedure lasted about 2 hrs.

I am now sat at home feeling remarkably fine, trying not to overdo things. No pain, groin healing well, but a sore throat from the TOE detector they put down my gullet. Had a few ectopic beats during the first night but I was not able to sleep so perhaps more aware of them, but they seem to have settled down for the time being.

I got myself cycling fit before the proceedure as I am sure this helps and also aids recovery.

I know it will take sometime to see the full benefits from the proceedure but so far so good.

I would like to thank the members of this Forum, I have found your comments and experience (particularly Bob D here) very helpful in deciding my way forward. You have been invaluable. I hope to meet some of you at the AFA Patients Day on the 9th October.



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Great news Peter now don't over do it! HRC Booked so hope to see you in October.


Hi Peter - It's good to hear that you are feeling well. Now please, please do not exert yourself for a good few weeks, or you could find yourself back with AF. Let your heart muscles strengthen in the correct beat and the rogue ones weaken. I've learnt this the hard way and am sorry I did so much just 10 days or so after my ablation, when I felt so well, and brought my AF back.


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