Ranitidine and AF

I have PAF and am lucky that I only get af about 4 times a year at the moment, and one of the last ones was caused by adrenaline in an anesthetic for a frozen shoulder. I'm currently experiencing a bit of reflux at the moment, the doc prescribed omeprazole, which gave me terrible stomach pains so switched me to ranitidine, within 2 hours of taking my first 150mg I was in Af, fortunately my Pip of flecinide sorted it out, although rather slower than usual. Has anyone else experienced AF with Ranitidine or is it just likely to be a co incidence?

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  • I have been taking Ranitidine for 12months now and it hasn't triggered my AF. I am paranoid about anything new be it injections or meds as my attacks are dreadful when I have them. My GP prescribed Ranitidine and my EP was happy with it so perhaps it is largely ok but then we are all different.

    You have got my thinking though as I started with very troublesome ectopics shortly after starting taking Ranitidine so perhaps they were the trigger as I had not had them before. They were extremely bothersome and went on for about six months continuously.

    It's worth checking with your doctor. This af game is a funny old business. Be well.

  • Hi meadfoot I too started with ectopics a few hours after taking my first ranitadine. Had them about the same time every night for as long as I was taking them. GP changed them for lanzoprosol and they slowly began to lessen. Still get them occasionally but now bearable. However this has left me like you afraid to take anything new.

  • I have not found a connection between ranitidine and AF.

  • Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, didn't want to risk it today as I can only take my flecinide pip once in 48 hours. I notice from the side effects sheet that it says in rare cases it can cause irregular heart beats ....... Knowing my luck ...... !

  • I have been taking Ranitidine for years twice a day and also had AFAIK for 9 years with no problems. Hope this helps

  • I dont want to be a pessimist but I have been there and got the t-shirt as far as making excuses for the reasons why AF starts. I tried to tell myself it was stress, drinking wine, exercise, and you know what, the wretched thing just appeared out of the blue when I least expected it. I have had 3 cardiac ablations in 2015 the last one in December and touch wood I have been AF free since then. I know its a terrible worry. I personally couldn't stand the anxiety of wondering when it was going to come. It used to be a constant worry. I know some people cope very well living with AF but for me I just wanted the wretched thing out of my life. Its 7 months now and I am beginning to relax and accept that the ablations have worked. I try to think of it as a wiring circuit in the heart that has got out of hand and is firing off in a random way. I marvel at the electro- cardiologists expertise and I am extremely grateful. Good luck I hope you will get sorted out very soon.

  • great that they have worked - well done you for persevering - but I suppose that shows how troublesome your AF was !!

  • I have taken it recently without any worsening of my AF.

    From the reliable drugs.com :

    Cardiovascular side effects have rarely included tachycardia, bradycardia, atrioventricular block, and premature ventricular beats. Several cases of bradycardia following intravenous administration of ranitidine have been reported. Ranitidine-induced bradycardia may be due to a rise in the serum histamine concentration or due to a direct effect of ranitidine on cardiac H2 receptors

  • I have the same problem, unfortunately I get reflux and indigestion following af, which means I can't use rantidine gaviscon helps a little in the short term

  • I take Ranitidine and I have not experienced going into AF with them

  • I havebeen taking ranitidine for the past 9 months and i dont go into af after taking them.sometimes after the evening dose i can go into af after a couple of hours but ive not considered it was down to ranitidine. Ill discuss this when i next see my gp

    Perhaps food for thought just demonstrates how odd this af is.every day i just wish this bloody thing will go away.

    However it has to be upwards and onwards there are folk a lot worse off than me and i admit when in church i pray for all of us who sufferwith this.

  • Thank you for your prayers

  • Thank you for your prayers.

  • Thanks folks, it sounds like it's not unheard of, my biggest worry was having a second bout of AF within 24 hours and not being able to take a pip. I'll give it another go and let you know the results!

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