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Voodoo That Has Helped Me

It has been awhile since I have posted. Hopefully this post will be positively received.

For a few months now, I have been experimenting with Scenar treatments from a chiropractor; and a week ago, I purchased my own device, which is different than his. For anyone who does not know anything about this; and that was me, it is like voodoo, even though it has 40 years of proven results in Russia. Just by chance the chiropractor I went to see had a Scenar device and was "willing" to experiment on me. Last week, I did manage to get my GP to write a prescription for the device; and Sun Life insurance in Canada will pay 80% of the cost up to $800.00 so it must be ok.

Finally, I am making progress with my attempt to resolve my atrial fibrillation. Today, I received the treatment protocol recommended by the doctors in Russia. I will try this and let you know how I do. Using guess work approaches by the chiropractor and myself, my AF episodes are much less often and I can now stop them using my device, if they start. I still don’t take drugs. I also have far less missed beats. Often, after going to the chiropractor for a while, I could stop atrial fibrillation by just standing. Sleeping standing is a real challenge unless you have four legs like a horse. The chiropractor said I was a test tube of one; but with him and me getting more information, we were able to try treatments that resulted in improvements. It can take some time for the treatments to solve a problem I am told; and so far, that is proving to be the case. My wife and I have tried the device that I purchased for other purposes and it really works for these as well. A book came with my device that details some unique treatments in addition to the automated ones.

The email below could be of interest, especially the 101 uses for Scenar. The prices for the devices in the email are much more expensive than the price for the one I purchased; and the one I purchased is likely as good, or better, than these and can also be used to treat children's issues. I purchased the PCM6, the very latest device, on this site: If you are interested, I suggest that you call or email Jimmy K on this site. He uses the device (so is not just a sales person) to treat people and gives free training, which is worth a lot. You need to receive training; or at least to be able to ask someone questions, to use these devices, although the one I purchased has automated programs that require no training. He sells a lot of devices to massage, physio and chiropractor clinics. He sells a device called a Vetebra to movie stars, which achieves amazing results. The other thing I like about him is he does not push products that you do not need or do not work well, even though he sells them. He told me he has just started working with a chiropractor in Chicago who is helping military vets with their health challenges. So far Jimmy has done everything he said he will do even though I sure had my doubts when I first starting speaking with him. In today’s world, he is a breath of fresh air. If you wish, you can contact me before you purchase. I think he will sell to anyone in the world; and he does training on Skype, so that will work for anyone. He may know someone in the UK who sells these or you can Google Denas and find merchants in your country.

When I lay down, often the heart will miss beats for a bit and then settle out, sometimes without going into atrial fibrillation. I have always thought it could be something to do with the stomach and not the heart. Last night, I tried a couple of treatments on the stomach and sure enough the missed beats did not happen when I laid down. I will continue the stomach treatments to see if this result continues.

Previously, I did mention Scenar on the Health Unlocked site; but no one seemed interested. I will post again if I continue to get good results from using the device. The key is to use the device. I think a lot of people will not continue a treatment. They expect positive results without any effort on their part. I will be blunt. If this is you, then don’t purchase one of these devices.

(I received the information below which is informative. I do not get any money for providing or recommending the use of these devices. I am just providing information that some of you may wish to investigate. If these devices will help some people with atrial fibrillation, the health care community may be happy or sad, since this will affect their bottom line positively or negatively. You will need to go to the Health Boss site; if the links do not work. You can find lots of information about Scenar on the internet and on YouTube.)

Thank you for your recent inquiry and your interest in our electronic energy healing devices – Personal Health Assistants, as we lovingly call them :-)

You would like to know if some of them, SCENAR or COSMODIC, can help with [your or your loved one's health challenge]. The short answer - yes, they can. The SCENAR and, especially, COSMODIC ( are among the most advanced energy healing technologies of our time. We are still in awe of what they can do to help the body heal itself.

Attached below is a file "101+ SCENAR Daily Uses" that can give you an idea what health challenges SCENAR and COSMODIC can help you with daily - and that's not all. (If you have difficulty opening the file, you can find that information here:

SCENAR and its second generation, COSMODIC, dramatically accelerate healing and regeneration processes in the human body. They are low-frequency adaptive electrical stimulators that mimic the natural electrical activity of the nervous system "talking" to the body in the language the body understands and responds to. This dialog promotes massive release of the body's internal "pharmacy" of messenger molecules called Regulatory Peptides, which, in turn, enhance and speed up healing and regeneration.

In order to better understand how SCENAR works and how it can help you and your loved ones, watch this short video:

We offer you a variety of COSMODIC devices (the second generation SCENARs), as well as RITMSCENAR devices (the first generation SCENARs). To see your options, go to or download our Equipment Catalog attached to the bottom of this message.

Yes, there are many models. Probably too many, and it is confusing. Which one is the best to become your Personal Health Assistant?

CLICK HERE to download a Free Report "How to Choose a SCENAR Device That Is Right for YOU" (if you haven't read it already before) - it may help you with your choice.

I, however, would suggest that you talk to us. We have an extensive experience in selecting just the right SCENARs for people in different circumstances - and we will do our best to assist you.

Please write to us at, and I would also very much appreciate an opportunity to talk to you in person and answer any questions you may have. Please give me a call at 905-468-0033 or toll-free 855-468-0033 - or reply with your number and I'll call you!

Looking forward to connect,

Tanya Rice


Land line: 905-468-3103

Toll-free: 1-855-468-0033


FB group -

101+ SCENAR Daily Uses.pdf

HealthBoss Equipment Catalogue 2015-2.pdf

HealthBoss Price List 2015-2.pdf

10 Confederation Dr. RR3 Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario L0S1J0 Canada (855) 468-0033

If anyone looks into this, I would sure like to know your results.

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Interesting Engmac....keep us informed with your progress.

I think I'll pass on husband would have me certified if I was to pursue this.But for those really suffering I can understand


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Good luck with it EngMac, be interested to hear how you get on.

I am currently undergoing HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment) which is also off piste with the medical fraternity - my GP has it on record that I undertake to do this without medical advice so my family don't sue her if I die - but even with a lot of really good research done in UK & US it is not used. Why? No money in it!

It also helps many conditions, including arrhythmias. My EP is more interested in it and had not heard of it and asked me if I would do ECG readings whilst undergoing treatment - which is a bit dicey with pure oxygen - although I dive today with 2 people who had their phones and tablets in with them but I am doing both just before and immediately after my treatments and my HR drops by 15-20 beats for at least 6-8 hours after treatment and I have 10 more dives before I get to saturation so am very encouraged!

I think Chiros are wonderful, their training is much longer and more diverse than an MD. My chiro was the first to diagnose my Mg.

Anything that works and I agree, avoid the drugs if possible!

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G'day EngMac,

Thanks for that post. I'm always interested in this sort of thing, The problem I see with Western Medicine is that it takes a one eyed approach to treatment. Each part of the body is a self contained unit operating and functioning on its own - when, in fact, the body is a whole and functions as a whole. Anyhow, I've copied it (and CDreamers post) and will study both now I have the luxury of a weekend off and the weather looks totally crap down here in Cornwall. I do hope you will be able to cobble together some statistics for us on here. I did this for the two occasions I came off Warfarin to show how my INR readings behaved over time and this seemed to generate a bit of interest with one such event covering the lead up to and after partial knee replacement surgery.

Good luck.



Hi engmac

Thank you for great information ... It's so great to see poeple researching other alternatives to medicines ....

The body is complex and we truly have to think outside of the box sometimes

It's great to see you are proactive in researching what's good for your health

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Whaaaat??? The problem with A-Fib is not pain, it is the possibility of premature DEATH due to heart attack or stroke and secondarily a poor quality of life. You need to treat the ACTUAL problem, and if meds don't work well for you, and I mean VERY well, go with ablation, which is effective in 95-98% of cases.

It is foolish to treat a symptom, rather than the actual problem. You are playing Russian Roulette.


Heart attack is not a side effect of AF. You can have electrical problems and healthy coronary arteries. Stroke is a risk.


Yes it is, because AF causes clots and clots cause coronary arteries to clog causing heart attacks.


Ablation does not fix the actual problem, it just "kills" the affected heart cells, which is just another symptom treatment. If ablation was a "fix", it would be more effective than the 60-80 percent "success" rate after the first ablation. And most people require a second, third, ... ablation.

So ablation vs. medication is a matter of personal choice for symptom control, with each having benefits and risks.

To fix the AF problem one has to find its cause or causes - very challenging!

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Maybe 60-80% in the U.K. but 95-98% effective in the U.S.A.


Hi Aufgeblassen

I would love the see any peer reviewed stats which show a 95-98% success rate of ablation anywhere in the worlds. I doubt that.

Plus as Vony says, clots seldom cause heart attacks, it is stroke which is the big risk.

Be well


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" For SVT and atrial flutter, the success rates are 95-98%."



"Scenar" does not even exist at Wikipedia. I would stay away from such a hoax device.

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As an Australian living in Britain and the holder of two passports, as an individual who is not in anyway blindfolded or blinkered as you seem to be - I would suggest you get onto YouTube and type in the search box Scenar and look for 'A Current Affair - Scenar'. This will show you a brief review of the product by one of Australia's main TV channels - Channel 9.

I suppose you are next going to tell me that a TENS machine is also a hoax.

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The question is: what does it have to do with A-fib??? Answer: NOTHING.


This looks like abuse of our blog for the enrichment of few. To sell "snake oil" to unfortunate for hundreds of dollars is a crime.


EngMac has been a member of this forum for several years and has put forward lots of interesting topics and helpful posts in that time. I just have to say I value any ideas he puts forward. Thank you for this info EngMac and please let us know how you get on.



It is not about EngMac. It is about the originators and sellers of this "device" and its "fabulous results" curing almost everything for 40 years yet the world does not know about it?! Similar devices (with the same principle) are regularly used by chiropractors and in sports medicine and are helpful with muscle injuries and somewhat with sciatica. My chiropractor used it on me last year and told me the story about Scenar scam. You can buy similar devices at Walgreen's for $20-30 and at some big fairs and trade shows in USA for $499.00. I almost bought one at Las Vegas CES show when I saw the list of things it can cure - among them even diabetes?!!!

Some people think that if something is extremely expensive it must be good. I wish EngMac all the best.


Thank you jeanjeannie50 for your support. It is unfortunate that others do not do some research before they post negative comments. Scenar is used around the world; and if anyone looked at the 101 applications, they would see that even if it will not fix AF, it will benefit the user. My chiropractor uses it every day in his practice to help people referred to him by medical doctors, massage and physiotherapists who could not fix the persons issue. Even very valuable race horses receive Scenar therapy. My chiropractor's wife was a little hard on him when he told her he paid $5000 for something that looked like a remote control for a TV. When it fixed her headaches, when nothing else could, she said it was worth every penny.

My general practitioner doctor did his research after I showed it to him. He had the guts to write a prescription in this world of suing doctors. If an insurance company will pay for it, it is not a hoax or snake oil.

I do recommend, that should you find someone who has a Scenar device or you purchase one, that you go to a chiropractor to see if your neck or your tail bone is negatively impacting the vagus nerve. Women who have natural birth babies can break their tailbone in the process.

It is unfortunate that many people have a brain block when chiropractor or Russian is mentioned. Chiropractors go to school as long as general practitioners and help thousands of patients when others cannot. Russia has made many medical discoveries, sometimes not known outside that country.

I am always disappointed when those, on this forum, who have earned the respect of others do not do some research when something novel is presented and then make a comment. I think this would encourage followers to reflect a bit more on what has been presented.

I do hope at least one person benefits in one of the 101 ways from a Scenar device; and the icing on the cake would be, if their AF symptoms were improved or eliminated.


Engmac, if I was suffering as much as some on this forum then I would certainly look into this , notwithstanding my husband ( of 48 years standing ) having a great ambivalence towards alternative medicine. Then again he is fortunate to be enjoying good health at 69 and still working.



For those of you who do not take the time to look at device costs, the one I purchased is just under $700 USD. Many of us have paid this or more trying vitamins, different foods, visiting doctors, getting ablations or taking drugs. Yes, there are always scams but I think there is enough solid results evidence to show that legitimate Scenar is not a scam. As far as it being well known, that may be partly because the main stream medical system has lots to lose if such a device is promoted.

Adriatico, I suggest that you ask your chiropractor if he/she has treated people for AF; and if not and you want the protocol, message me and I will send it. May be you will become a believer if Scenar helps you. Are you willing to take a chance? It did not kill you when the chiropractor used it on you. Did it help?


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