AF and Dehydration ------ Chicken and egg?

We have often been warned about the risk of dehydration (particularly when travelling) triggering AF but I think that AF causes dehydration so it's something about which we should all be aware. The problem is micturition (urine production)

I am 16 months post-ablation. I have occasional mild AF, the last episode was in June.

On Monday I decided to stay in all day. I wanted to tidy the garden and then make a meal for my son. At 2 pm I was stood by the cooker when my heart flipped and I could feel irregular beating. At 2.30 I took 100 flecainide . Between then and 4pm I produced 4 complete bladder fulls of urine. I was confused as to where it was all coming from and eventually connected my brain and drank 2 mugs of water in addition to my usual tea.

The episode ended at about 4pm leaving me feeling jiggered. I went to bed at 9.30 and slept well until 07.30. In all that time I had not needed a wee so have to conclude that the arrhythmia had left me badly dehydrated.

I hope that this will act as a warning and help in the management of AF episodes.

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  • Dehydration can cause many problems

  • 2 litres of water a day for men (and tea does not count towards this!!).

  • Hi Peter,

    With respect, that is false information. Yes men on the whole are recommended to have 2 litres a day, however this can be made up from any fluid, not just water. NHS website explains in full detail.

    Kind Regards


  • Interesting subject. I think that many of us avoid taking in fluid unless we feel thirsty. I took a diuretic for many years (not needed now). In the morning particularly, I always needed to be near a loo - you probably need to be female to understand fully how inconvenient this is. Night times were not a problem.

    To some extent this has continued without the diuretic. I have PAF, which manifests itself as short runs (usually no more than half an hour) where the beat is irregular but less than 80 bpm as I am rate controlled.

    I think I may keep a diary for a week or so and see if there is a pattern.

    Thank you.

  • Mrspat, you are spelling out my thoughts.

    I know many women who restrict their fluid intake if they are going out and have no guarantee of a conveniently located loo. It has become an increasing problem now that so many public conveniences have been closed.

    We need to be aware of the dangers of dehydration.

    Best wishes.

  • Not just ladies. Post prostetectomy men are just as bad. Amusing incident on M5 a while back when a caravan had rolled and we were sitting still for nearly an hour. I always carry a Pee bottle which I was able to use. After a while I noticed the chap in the car next to me looking very stressed so got out to chat. He was frantic and explained that he had had his prostate out and needed to P really badly. His relief on being able to borrow my device was considerable. Considering laying in a stock and renting them out. ha ha.

    On the subject of liquid, do avoid any caffeine related drinks as these make things much worse,. Hence the advice to avoid tea and coffee.


  • Try peeing in a bottle or even up a tree if. you are female. Sorry. Makes outdoor hobbies and sports difficult.

  • My device comes with an add on female friendly anatomical helper.

  • My mind is boggling. It will probably bring on AF.

  • Are they not called 'whizz away' or something just as awful!!??

  • So true. I have a 'she- wee' is meant to allow females to stand up and wee, however as you can imagine it is a bit of a pfaff getting it into position- so is not very discreet! And virtually impossible to sit in a car and use it!

  • Bob I'm like you, a prostate free zone, I also notice caffeine has that effect even after 4 years since op. Coffee especially, even for some reason just one decaff coffee. Decaff tea in moderation is ok. One of my pre operation symptoms was 'if you got to go you've GOT to go'. Now I can hold on a lot longer but not like pre cancer days.

    Sorry to hijack the thread subject and go 'off on a tangent.'

    I notice when in AF I feel dry and drink water often.

  • I got caught in the car in London once needing a pee urgently so now always have a pee bottle in the car - I find the collapsable Uribag, although expensive at around £40+ ideal as when packed it is small enough to hold in your fist.

    If it's not too much detail, I also have to pee once in the night and to save waking others and myself too much (sleep pattern not perfect) I have another by my bedside.

  • It is like a shaped funnel . I think Boots sell them

  • I bought TravelJohn Disposable Urinal packs from Amazon. Have yet to use one but they look fairly discreet, except perhaps if one is stuck on the motorway next to a bus full of bored passengers. 😄

  • Been there got the T shirt The outside lane moved forward just at the wrong moment. ha bloody ha.


  • The best thing for dehydration is alcohol. Why is it that drinking two pints of malted recovery beverage makes you need to pee AND leaves you dehydrated? Life's so unkind.

    "Bob's bottle" reminds me of an episode many years ago. I was following a friend up the motorway with him driving his Morris 1000 Traveller (and towing his F750 heading for Donnington Park....Bob'll understand), when we set off his girlfriend was in the passenger seat. No stop en-route but when we got to Donni' his girlfriend was driving. He needed to pee and so a seamless change of drivers enabled him to make use of an empty bottle!

  • One simple fact is that AF can produce an enzyme which increases the need to urinate, especially in the early stages of an episode if you have PAF. I often wondered when I went into AF why I needed to go so often when I normally  don't have the problem. Just another nuisance on the AF list and one of the most inconvenient if you have an episode when traveling about. 

    Howeve drinking/sipping water regularly is important and I nearly always have a bottle of water to hand whether travelling or not. 

  • I can actually predict that AF is going to start because I start producing UNAACCOUNTABLY huge volumes of urine. It's very disconcerting and it's called"micturition."

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