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Visit to the dentist

Went for some treatment at a new dentist yesterday and came away very pleased with their knowledge and attention to warfarin taking AF patients. The alternative injection to the adrenaline based one worked very well so no problems there. However, when I mentioned I might be going onto a NOAC, they had not been updated on these. Obviously they need to know what you are on so don't forget to advise your dentist if you've made the change.

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My dentist (Oasis) is unphased by me talking Pradaxa (dabigatran). As you indicate, it's important that they know what you're taking. For some reason a steroid injection seems to be important information for them.


I was about to post on a similar subject. I managed to beak a tooth on Monday and ended up with n emergency appt. I'm on apixaban and my dentist was very knowledgable and not at all concerned. I did bleed a bit but with pressure and the application of some kind of surface coagulant I was totally fine and have had no problems since. It was very reassuring all round!


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After my recent experience its good to know, that some dentists take AF and adrenaline injections seriously .

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