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Hi everyone,

Some advise needed. I'm newly diagnosed persistent AF, taking Bisoprolol and Apixaban with a view to having cardioversion.

I had agreed with my employer several months ago, before being diagnosed with AF, that I would travel to India for about a week to undertake some work. I mentioned this to the consultant I saw after diagnosis and he was fine with it, but said don't get delhi belly.

I have been before to India several years ago and only got ill once, ironically when I went to Delhi. I'm due to go to Mumbai this time. We stay in good quality western hotels and work in offices.

Has anyone got any experience of travelling long distances by plane to hot countries with persistent AF?

As I write this I feel fine, but do have bouts of tiredness - not sure if that is the AF or the drugs.



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  • Teh tiredness is almost certainly due to a combination of both the AF and the bisoprolol. You don't say what the dose of bisoprolol is nor exactly how long you have been taking it. Typically a 2.5mg CHANGE. In dose takes 44 to 66 weeks to stabilise.

  • I flew to the USA last year with PAF. Flying does not seem to trigger AF. You need to be very careful about dehydration and timing your anticoagulant doses.

    Do not allow yourself to become stressed. And beware reheated rice as this harbours Bacillus cerius which causes food poisoning.

  • I find that neither flying nor being in a hot country affects me at all. At the moment my AF is well controlled, as long as I don't forget a dose!

  • Heat is a problem to me. I am suffering today and it only hit 20oC

  • Heat is the one thing that does affect me. I am due back from the WI within the next 10 days and will be glad to find the cooler weather. So my advice is that the flying will not affect you, but be very aware of heat.

  • Just back from Cyprus ,went to India Christmas ,also Istanbul in February no problem with travelling ,was very worried when first diagnosed but have decided to get on with life and what will be will be !! Hope all goes well for you in India

  • I think getting on with life is the best policy. Although I'm in persistent AF, I generally feel fine and sometimes now even forget all about it. I still worry at times, but that is only natural I suppose. I have had to make some adjustments to what I can and can't do at the moment, but i'm being positive in that I hope that will change in the future once all my tests are complete.

  • Thanks for all the replies . It's really good to find such a knowledgeable group.

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