Blood Tests & Abnormal Liver Results is it the Medication?

I have permanent AF and I am on Bisoporol 7.5mg, Apixaban 5mg x 2 & Omeprazole, I had a bad cold, cough on from December to April (which blood tests couldn't pick up but I believe was whooping cough I had the classic symptoms but did reveal I had had at sometime Glandular Fever). Anyway the blood results also have brought up a concern re my liver I do at times have alcohol, I am overweight but now dieting. My Dr. has now arranged an ultrasound for my liver and I am due yet another blood test.  

Things haven't really changed for many years apart from being diagnosed with AF in 2014 and going on the above medication (not including the omeprazole) - long story story - question has anyone else had liver problems whilst on the above medication.

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  • Why not carefully read the notes which come with all your drugs and see if any of them list liver function problems as side effects.  I have not heard of any myself but am not on any of those drugs.

  • I have

  • Hi, I've recently had tests for my liver as a blood test highlighted a problem. Mine has been put down to weight. which I am constantly trying to reduce. I do take 5mg of Bisoprolol.

  • These are a few things I have found 


    Rare: increased triglycerides, increased liver enzymes (ALAT, ASAT)

    So who knows - I'm sure my GP will only say its anecdotal - lose weight!!

  • Thank you for the links I will check them out. I do need to lose weight but I'm not convinced this is all down to the weight gain.

  • I am on Rivaroxaban which they do say you have to have 6 monthly liver tests as it may affect your liver.

    Hope this helps. Greg

  • Aren't we supposed to monitor our liver and kidney function while on NOACs? I believe that is recommended.

  • I don't know - I only had a blood test for a 3 month cold/cough I had. I did have a yearly check up (first ever!!!!!) for my on going condition recently - but you see a nurse who does BP, weight but can't answer questions about AF just says see Dr.

    From what I have read the GP practices get paid for everyone who goes for these yearly check ups.

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