For those on NOACs

On holiday in Spain with a group of friends for a walking holiday. One of the party, who has persistent AF and like me is on Apixaban had a major bleed from a burst varicose vein. Lost a lot of blood whilst waiting for ambulance but bleeding was easily stopped in hospital with compression. She was discharged the same evening and after a good nights rest is back to normal. I don't think that any external bleed would cause a problem. Internal might be another matter but pretty unlikely. 


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  • Thank you that is reassuring.

  • The bleeding could have been controlled with elevating the leg and compression! Basic first aid?

  • It would probably have burst anyway since the Apixaban didn't cause it. Unusual and unfortunate but it shows that people should not be afraid of NOACs. It is important to understand that for any bleeding compression and raising the area  preferably above the heart is the first line of defence. 20 mins minimum is recommended.

  • We were lucky that one of our friends is a trauma nurse, so all the basics were done any way. However the haemorrhage was severe and hospitalisation by ambulance was required.


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