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Morning all ... Me again ..... Following my food poisoning a few days ago ... As predicted, my INR is all over the place.  Had a nose bleed yesterday which prompted a visit to the local A & E.  The Doctor there was very helpful and understanding.  A blood test showed that my INR had risen to 3.7 - a tad high, so my Warfarin dose has been temporarily reduced. Am due to fly out to Valencia on Tuesday for a 9 day holiday.  We should board the ship on Thursday for 7 nights - am waiting to hear if they  carry out INR tests in their clinic.  The A & E Doctor did not say shouldn't go but obviously I need to be able to check the INR, be good if the ship did this but if not will have to pursue a port clinic.  Any thoughts from you out there?  Thanks.  Ps Haven't had any nose bleeds since (fingers crossed)! 

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  • The ship will charge.  Coukd you not ring the cruise company to ask if that would be possible?

    Buy self monitoring machine?

    Switch to NOACs?

  • Thanks for such a speedy response.  I have already phoned the cruise company and am awaiting their reply.  Looked at the self monitoring machines on line yesterday - the ones I found were in excess of £300.00 and I doubt would get here in time :o(. Thankyou again though for your input.

  • Hope you enjoy your holiday.  Travel was the main reason I wouldn't go on Warfarin.

  • Having the test done on board will be a lot cheaper than buying the machine but if you enjoy travelling and your gp will prescribe the strips it is worth getting.

  • Many thanks.  I have made an appointment with the GP in a couple of weeks time to discuss.

  • From your original post I assumed that it was this week for your cruise?

  • Morning .... Yes, you're quite right Peter.  We've had a couple of days in Valencia and today we embark!  Have also received a response from the shipping company regarding INRs on board - yes they do them.  The cost quoted was 10 Euros, so fingers crossed!  Thanks for your interest.

  • That is a good price considering. 

  • Many thanks ..... Food for thought when I get back.  Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are.

  • Think you will find all ships do INR tests . Cost about £50 if i remember correctly. 

  • Thanks for that.  Will have to bite the bullet with this ...... At least it would be better than getting one done ashore - you know what you're getting! Thanks again, Dorothy

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