Warfarin and biopsy

That will teach me not to get my INR checked the day before a hospital visit. Breast clinic wanted to do a biopsy on a lump I have found but couldn't because my last warfarin clinic check was 2 weeks ago! You would think they would have the equipment to quickly check it there and then!! Lesson learnt, always get an up-to-date INR before any hospital appt, Just In Case!

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  • I always check that the clinic understands that I am on warfarin before my visit and ask if they need me to stop taking it five days prior as is the norm for any small ops. etc. I have yet to find they hadn't taken it into account so suspect the fault lies with your hospital for not checking your records first.


  • Gosh, yes how strange that they didn't have access to INR equipment as so many people take anticoagulants now. I guess that's one situation where it would have been nice to have your own machine. Have you an appointment to go back for your biopsy. Thanks for the tip.


  • Thanks for letting us know, I'm amazed they didn't have a little Coagucheck. I bet they did somewhere... Hope a new appointment comes through soon!


  • The five-day rule applies with my dentist too. A whole week is not acceptable!........as I found out a few weeks ago when expecting an extraction.

  • Let me just say how stressful for you -- and that stress could have been alleviated by someone taking a few minutes to either tell you to get it checked beforehand OR just helping you get it checked there. While I have met some great people in the NHS, some people would be rejected by Tesco or any other store for their lack of helpfulness!

  • Oh no, as if it isn't stressful enough. I'm sorry you will have to gear yourself up for that again. Best thoughts for good results once you get to the other side of the biopsy. As for the biopsy, I've done it- easier than AF! You're prepared!

  • yes indeed they should and do have their own equipment however if tested and too high they would not be able to lower the INR in time for an op etc. I also check with the clinic before any possible surgery to advise them that I take anticoagulant and they normally want the INR down below 2, I bought my own machine some years ago so its easier for me to self test and get it to the right setting.

  • Just had a thought Bob, now I am on Pradaxa how would they test my levels?????

  • They wouldn't test and if you required a minor op they would either ask you to stop 24 or 48 hours before, or not even worry in some cases.

    Be well


  • Thank you x

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