Is AF stress related?

Good Morning friends. I am convinced that my AF episodes are brought on by stress. Got a call last night to go to the aid of a neighbour, lady is 88 years old and living alone. When I got there she looked awfull and was in severe distress. Called out medics who in turn called doctor. Anyway she was given medicine. I helped her getting settled for the night. And promised to see to her first thing this morning. So woke up this morning feeling under the weather myself. Heart doing an imitation of a race. Took blood pressure 112/88 pulse 112. Could be worse I suppose. By the way INR has settled now 2.8 next test 18 May. Only a slight adjustment to my warfarine dosage. Hope you are all well and enjoying the good weather. Rienij


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  • For some people yes it is but remember it is a real mongrel of a condition. Sorry to hear of your stressful night.

  • Paraphrased from something I read: if A-Fib is triggered by exercise, stress, stimulants, or exertion, you may have ‘adrenergically-mediated’ A-Fib. The adrenal glands produce the hormone epinephrine (adrenaline) in response to stress, and this causes increased heart rate and blood pressure. 

    If A-Fib occurs at night, after eating, resting after exercising, or with digestive problems, you might have ‘vagally-mediated’ A-Fib.

    A lot of people with paroxysmal A-Fib don't have a clear autonomic pattern but those with lone A-Fib are more prone to vagal A-Fib. Many have a mix of both types

  • Hi Thomps95 you could be right, I had been very busy during the day sorting out garden furniture and inhaling teak oil in the sun, And just as I set down I received the phone call, asking if I could check on my neighbour, which became very stressful. I am still not back to normal. Blood pressure 126/86 pulse 98 So not to bad. So will have to relax a bit more as I always advice other people to do.☺️ Thank you for your reply I never knew that. Very interesting. Rienij

  • I am convinced that stress sets off AF for me but as I can wake up with it , unstressed, then it obviously has a mind of its own.

  • My AF is quiet most of the time but if stress raises its ugly head  the AF goes into overdrives.I also have hyperacusis which may have started the AF off in the first place but there is no way of knowing  .

  • Hi Jenny the same goes for me.

  • Hi. I agree 100% that AF can be stress related.  As soon as I start to get concerned about things and have worries I seem to get more attacks of AF.  I often get them during the night when I cannot sleep because I am worrying and anxious about something.  I then get panic attacks because of the AF and have to talk myself down and put the TV on to try and take my mind off it. Nasty horrid vicious circle. Life sucks sometimes doesnt it? Love, Dave

  • Hi Dave, you are right it becomes a vicious circle, I sometimes wonder wether I am to soft, and worry about things to much. But at least we are still alive,. Love Rienij 😊

  • At the moment my life is very stressful, through one thing or another that i wont bother explaining. Suffice to say that i dont believe it could be any more difficult.

    I had a second ablation in February, and although i get the odd ectopic..have been AF free..and in that regard, havnt felt this good in 4 years, so for me i couldnt say stress is the trigger,but could be for other people...or ablation stops stress? 

    Good luck anyway...and everyone is different.


  • After first ablation, all was well...until an emotionally stressful situation that seemed to be the trigger for a bout of brand new AF. After second ablation, still get occasional trills and thumps, but only emotional triggers override flecainide, ablation, and my normally calm personality. So, yes, to stress, for sure!

  • I believe my AF finally came to the fore when I was off work with stress for the first time. Looking back I can now identify the odd AF episode that I didn't do anything about beforehand but it only became an issue after. Now whether it was just the stress or a combination of the stress and the medication I was given for that I couldn't say but definitely a factor for me. 

  • Hello

    I too agree about the stress thing. Alcohol or caffeine do not appear to be a problem but if I am overtired, as in stressful job, or just generally being stressed, I am almost guaranteed to have an a fib attack during the night.

    I have also found that Magnesium citrate seems to help. I have been taking this for over a year. Does anyone else feel there are benefits of magnesium with a fib?

    On day 5 of Apixoban and waiting with dread for side effects. Must try to be positive and think of the alternatives.

    best wishes

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