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Ectopics and lightheadedness

I am currently having frequent Ectopics, I am also feeling very lightheaded and giddy, especially  when changing position too quickly or bending down. I don't know if the two are associated or the latter is postural or just a coincidence. At present I have a 7,day monitor on. So my question is do I go to the GP who will probably give me tablets , but I don't want that to have an affect on the monitor readings.  Do I just sit it out? Any advice



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We are all different and I would not  think to advise but surely the purpose of the monitor is to see what is happening. You say you are having lots of ectopics but this isn't AF so shouldn't  affect you too much. Again we are all different but I on average have about 2000 a day or say two a minute according to my last monitor and that was a quiet period. Sometimes I do feel slightly light headed but always put this down to postural low BP.  Still no AF the last seven years since my ablation.


Good morning, my ectopics make me feel tired, light headed and catch my breath for a second or two.  I see EP in May and want to talk it over as they are affecting me as much as my AF does.  Pat


Same with me, they used to be just constant and you could not take a proper pulse, it was all over the place. I just took it steady till I saw my EP who sorted me out with some drugs that worked, back to normal now. Hope you get a similar result. 



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