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Dronederone and Apixaban

Hi all say my EP last week and decided to go ahead with ablation as been in and out of PAF for 4 years now.

Was in AF on the day and he changed my medication from Fleccanide to Dronederone and Apixaban to prepare for the ablation.

He told Me to leave 3 days between starting Dronederone and finishing Fleccanide which I did.

However I have had permanent AF since despite being on the Dronederone for 5 days now.

Also I have had very upset stomach since stopping the Fleccanide.

Does anyone have similar experience please?

Haven't started the Anti coagulation drug yet as waiting list 6-8 months in the North East.

Thanks in advance for your help guys.


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Hi Andrew

Are you taking the Dronedarone after food? I was told this would help prevent stomach problems, and would also allow more of the drug to be absorbed.

I've been on Dronedarone and Apixaban for 9 weeks, have had no stomach issues and just one bout of AF (14 hours).

Hope you get some relief soon,

Best Wishes, Jane


Hi Jane

Thanks for that I take mine first thing in the morning and last thing at night so I will revert to trying to take with food and see.

The Af was paroxysmal but as I say since stopping the Fleccanide it's been permanent so annoying!

Thanks again.




I think you should seriously consider taking the anticoagulant NOW. AF makes us five times more likely to have a stroke so regardless of when your ablation is likely to be some protection would be a good idea in my opinion. Also there is always the possibility of a cancellation appointment before you expect it.

Dronedarone does not suit all people and is obviously not working for you. If this situation continues I  would suggest that you contact your EP and explain. It always seems pointless to me to take a drug which is not doing what it is supposed to do.


Hi Bob

Thanks for the advice and I will start taking the anticoagulant today.

I will email my EP also.

Thanks again



I am on Apaxiban for the treatment of a DVT and P E clot but was told to remain on it until after the AF condition had been resolved for fear of clots forming in the lungs.



I am going to disagree with Bob regarding the dronedarone not suiting you!

Please do as the earlier replier suggested and take it with or after food and give it chance to work.

I have been on it for 5 years and although I still have some episodes of AF even though I had an ablation last October Dronedarone can help.


Thanks Paul the problem I'm having now is that my AF was paroxysmal on Fleccanide but since the Dronederone I'm in permanent AF did

You have that problem with it?




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