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weak or faint pulse

Hi ,

Strange thing  I have noticed since my ablation 10 days ago. As all us ab-fibbers do I guess I check my pulse on a regular basis and since the ablation procedure I had some 10 days ago I have noticed my pulse is much weaker than it used to be it is so faint its sometimes difficult to even trace. I used to have quite a bounding pulse until recently? As anyone else ever noticed a change in their pulse feeling and had it checked out?

Kind regards


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Have you tried finding your carotid pulse in your neck? Use the middle fingers on your right hand to find it, half way down your neck, to the left side of your oesophagus. It's a stronger pulse than in your wrist except when you are in AF.

Post ablation my pulse felt different too. For the first time I could detect ectopic beats.

You are in the very early stages of recovery. In a few months when the healing Is finished things will have settled, and hopefully all will be back to normal.


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