I'm feeling very sorry for myself so I need to vent to all of you who understand . I came home from vacation on Tuesday and while we were away my granddaughter came down with a nasty case of the flu. By Tuesday evening I had a fever! Every muscle in my body hurts, I feel just awful. I have never had the flu before , it really knocks you out. The past two days I have also had two AFib episodes lasting more than twelve hours each. This is very uncommon for me to get one episode after another. My temperature has been spiking to over 100.4 and it seems that's when the episode starts. I'm also coughing a lot so that may be starting it. I'm so weak now that I can barely walk. I haven't had a fever for almost forty years! If anyone has had a similar experience or if anyone knows if the flu can make PAF worse? Not sure my grammar has been correct, please forgive me I'm so weak. Gracey 

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  • Hi Gracey yes infection can make AF worse which is why most of us AF-ers in UK have anti flu jabs every winter free on NHS. 100.4F  is a bit high but only really normal for flu. We are encouraged to think in centigrade but I'm old enough to know in old money as we say. I'm one of those people who throws really high temps (record 107) so not easy for me to judge. I recall a doctor once telling me the difference between a cold and flu. He said if you looked out of the window and saw a £50 note in the street--with a cold you would go and pick it up.  With flu you can't be bothered which I think is a fair judgement.

    Stay well hydrated  please as this is very important. Keep sipping and if you don't feel like eating then make sure you  add some electrolytes as if you had the runs. Keep warm and rest. You WILL get better!


  • Thank you Bob, this is the first year in many years that I didn't get a flu shot! I guess I won't do that again. Your comparison of a cold vs flu is right on. The muscle pain is totally debilitating . Looking forward to feeling better! Thanks Bob, Gracey

  • If you are able to take paracetamol, I found it lowered my temperature during my only adult bout of flu a few years back.  Plenty of fluid and bed rest will help your body to cope and hopefully keep your heart steady.

    My first priority, though would be to keep that temperature down as that's when you start to feel human again.

    Best wishes.

  • Thank you Finvola, the worst part of this is going into AFib for long periods. It's making me weaker and not allowing me to relax. I hope this passes in a few days. The weather here in US is gorgeous and I'm not able to get outside! Gracey 

  • Hope you get well soon so you can enjoy your trip, I am starting with something but hoping it doesn't develop.

  • Poor you, I do hope you feel better soon Gracey.  Just an alert - I take warfarin and when I had a bad virus earlier this year and my INR level went up to 6.1 - I only realised when I posted on the forum that illness can have such a drastic effect on levels.  I had to skip a couple of doses and went down as I got better.

  • Yes... that happened to me too!  Just eat a few more greens whilst ill, perhaps!

  • Gracey, I hope you're feeling a bit better by now.  Bear in mind that a fever is part of your immune system.  Many infectious agents can't survive temperatures over a certain point, something like 102*F.  So a fever that high is actually a good thing, though it sure feels awful.  The standard advice applies: get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids, and forget about doing anything but getting better.

    As for AF, I can't offer anything useful.  I'd like to suggest staying mindful and just watching what's going on without worrying about it, but in your weakened state that's asking a lot.  Just remember, if you can, AF won't kill you, though it will make you think it is.  Laugh in its face!  Dare it to do something really nasty!  Double dare it!  If nothing else, the positive energy might lift your spirits.

    Take good care.

  • Kodaska, thank you so much for your kind words, I'm feeling a bit better just waiting to get my strength back, thankful that the AFib monster hasn't reared its ugly head for 24 hours! Good health to you too, Gracey 

  • You have my sympathy.

    It is bad enough having flu without the added stress and upset of Afib. I know trying not to worry is easier said than done, but this horrible time will pass, you will recover from the flu and your Afib will quieten. Try to relax, maybe take some paracetamol for the fever, drink healthy drinks avoiding caffeine, aspartame, mono sodium glutamate and alcohol. Treat your body to small amounts of fresh natural food and    If you feel up to meditating or reading or watching something gentle and amusing, do so.

    I go hope you are soon feeling better and looking back on this unpleasant interlude. 

    Best wishes and many positive vibes coming your way!

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