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I was diagnosed with PAF last year. My episodes of recently have been more frequent i. E. Almost daily and lasting a few hrs but normally returns to NSR without any intervention. However, my HR since Tuesday evening as been irregular at a rate between 60 and 70 bmp. I am due a CT scan today at the Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital prior to a scheduled Cyro Ablation on the 24th May. I am now nervous and anxious that I have flipped into permenant AF and now either the scan or the Ablation or both will now be cancelled. I do take Apixaban and have Bisoprol as  PIP. The lumpy pulse is still slow which should be some sort of comfort... but very anxious which of course doesn't help one bit. Other than the lumpy HR I have no other symptoms at all. Should I take myself off to A&E or sit it out until my appointment at 3.30pm. Today

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  • Sit it out. You are hardly compromised to go to AE and have an appt today anyhow. 

  • There is no issue in you being in AF so just go for your appointment.

  • Thank you. 

  • Hope all goes well for you today Roy.

  • Thanks Jayd. Had the CT scan yesterday. I have my pre - procedure appointment on the 9th May and am due my Ablation on the 24th May. My concern is I seem to have gone into permanent AF since last Tuesday I would normally go back into SR after a few hrs. I wonder if I am still in AF when I am due the Ablation will they cancel the procedure. Luckily I am symptom free but my pulse is still lumpy and ticking along at about 70 bpm normally in SR would be about 50 bpm good luck for your forthcoming Ablation. Cheers Roy 

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