Fit 60 year old with no heart condition diagnosed with AFIB in Dec 2015 (I've posted to this site before).  Ended up in ER and was cardioverted 3 times my first week. Was put on cardizem, Flecainide and Pradaxa.  Flecainide dose was increased following continued AFIB activity.  Following a month break from any AFIB event, AFIB came roaring back in early February resulting in another ER visit. Was referred by my cardiologist to an EP who recommended a Cryo Ablation.  Due to an unexpected opening, I was able to have the procedure performed on 11 March, 2016 (a little over 2 weeks ago).  The procedure went smoothly without incident. After being event free the first 10 days, I began to have daily AFIB events over the last 5 days, some lasting only 10 minutes while others lasting several hours.  However, while all of the events had an irregular rhythm, none had an unusually fast heart beat, and all resolved on their own with no further medical intervention.  I recognize that AFIB post ablation can occur due to the heart's healing process from the trauma of the procedure and that you need to give it  a full three months to assess the success or failure.  That being said, I am surprised by the daily events early on and was wondering if anyone else experienced this level of AFIB activity post ablation (that ultimately had a successful outcome after 3 months with no further or limited AFIB activity).  I am awaiting an email response from my EP, but was curious if any of my fellow AFIBers have experienced  with this.  Should I be concerned, or is this part of the healing process?

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  • Still  very early days yet Jeff. Give it time.

  • Will do !


  • As others have said, it's early days yet.  Things should settle down with the passage of time.

    I'm interested in how you managed to get either cardio version or ablation so readily.  Were you previously on blood thinners as I had to go on Warfarin for about 3 months to get my levels right before they'd do either?

  • Thanks for the feedback. I live in and use Kaiser for medical services here in California.  Typically there is a 3 month waiting period for ablations but unexpectedly, a patient cancelled their ablation and they were able to slot me in on 10 days notice.  I am on Pradaxa for blood thinner and was put on the drug shortly after diagnosis, now almost 4 months .  I was taken off Pradaxa for 36 hours pre ablation and then put back on it 8 hours post procedure.  If the procedure is deemed successful, I will be taken off my rate and rhythm drugs in 3 months and the blood thinner after 6 months (however, I may choose to stay on Pradaxa--decision to be made at that time with my EP)


  • I had a few wild sessions of AF a few days after ablation and then they stopped.  I was told it's quite common so I would not be too concerned.

  • Thanks, good to hear that. 


  • I had events up to six weeks after, then nothing except pre atrial contractions.

  • I had numerous episodes during the 5 months post ablation, gradually settling down over that period. I have been AF free now for more than 2 years.

  • Thanks much.  That is encouraging 

  • I have had two ablations and one Cyroblation done. Unfortunatly none of them worked. My ep said I should not have another. I am on flecainide 200 mg per day and 25 mg of metropolol. Since going on 200 of Flecanide have not had any episodes. Guess I have to stay on meds the rest of my life. 

    Good luck to you! They say wait for 6 months to see if it was successful.

  • Thanks Jeff.  Sorry that your ablations didn't take.  Fingers crossed on mine.  Just need to be patient

  • It has taken 6 months for my heart to totally calm down after ablation.  I'm feeling good now and hopeful......

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