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My husband was diagnosed with PAF 4 weeks ago and was put on 2.5mg Bisoprolol and Warfarin daily. He has recently noticed that when he first lies down in bed at night he has a lot of noisy SSSSSHHHHHing and "ticking" that lasts for over an hour. Is this a common side effect of this medication as he has not experienced this before? Any tips on dealing with this greatly appreciated. Many thanks

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  • I am not aware of this being a side effect but it is not uncommon with AF to have what is known as pulsatile tinitus where you are aware of your heart beat. In my case during periods of silence I am aware of shoosh shoosh in time with my heart beat. This is regardless of any position I may be in.

    It may just be wax of course.

  • Thank you Bob for taking the time to answer what may seem a trivial question. I guess when you are newly diagnosed "everything" can ring alarm bells until you learn to calm down.

  • I have it all the time even though my AF well controlled at this time. Take bisoprolol flecanide and pradaxa. I have noisy ears permanently it's not great 

  • I take Flecanaide as well and have constant ringing in my ears. It's awful! Gracey

  • I have noisy ears, much improved by having two hearing aids! I was not so aware of it before taking Diltiazem which caused fluid retention but since I stopped I still have the 'insect chorus'. 

  • Have him turn on his right side.  I only hear the  noise when lying on my left side

  • It may be the effect of a long-standing use of aspirin products (as many of us elderly take for pain) unrelated to AF meds. I have found Lipo-Flavonoid, an OTC med, helps after awhile of use and cutting out all aspirin type products. It's high in B-12 vitamin plus other ingredients. Expensive but does work.

  • Tinnitus is like the noise you describe in one of it's many sounds. This has been with me for a long time but I do get some hours in a week when it's quiet.  Sometimes it comes on after taking bisoprolol but it can mostly be set off by noise. The swishing noise is continuous with me , not rhythmic.  I try not to notice it and am mostly able to get on with things but when it's mentioned it seems to get louder and is harder to block out.  Hope you find a solution, do post about it.  Terjo 

  • Hi the only time I dont have that shhhh and fast ticking noice is when I am in AF

  • I used earphones - iPod with an audio-book with volume turned down really low - put the timer on for 60 mins by which time I am fast asleep!  White noise - i.e. Using another noise to counter a 1st noise is a well known antidote.

  • Yes, I too have this experience!  Oh the joys of getting older, still I always say - better than the alternative! Try not to worry too much about the SSSSSSHHHHHHing - to be honest you can get used to it and if you just carry on with whatever you're doing it doesn't take over!! Good luck!

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