should i take multi vitamins

having AF and now in my early sixties should i take multi vitamins ? i read a lot of experts suggest these will be beneficial for people over 55, the thing is i take medication Bisoprolol and Digoxin also warfarin does anybody think would help or would it interfere with my medication ? iwould be grateful of peoples experience with this sort of supplement.

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  • For some time I've taken a daily multivitamin supplement specially to improve hair, skin and nails and my INR nurse had no objection.  I've just finished the tub and, with summer just ahead, was not planning to buy more.  However, we eat a flexitarian diet and I do wonder if it isn't beneficial to just top up with something that we might be lacking. 

  • Hi Stevie,

    I am of the opinion that you should get all your vitamins/minerals through food and not tablets. Public Health England have just updated their healthy eating advice, and that's the way to go, in my humble opinion.

    Best Wishes


  • I agree with you, Barry, but I wonder how many of us actually eat well enough to get all we need.  I see not much wrong with belt and braces.  Certainly it would not do to take a supplement and then neglect healthy eating.

  • Hi Rellim,

    Hope you are well. I hear where you are coming from.

    Best Wishes


  • That's good, Barry.   I'm fine thanks and hope you are too.

    I might keep up with my multivits.  The pharmacist originally suggested them because my hands are always so dry although I go through hand cream at a rate of knots.

  • I take fish oils, magnesium and sometimes pottassium and bit e. Also occasionally coenzyme. Whether that's kept AF at bay I don't know but I'll keep on taking. I'm 64 female. Good luck 

  • One of the reasons that medications produce side effects, is that processing them through the body uses up vital vitamins and so can create shortages and lead to more generalised ill-health.  Taking a good multi-vitamin (eg from a Health Food shop) daily for three months will go a long way to prevent this.  It will be particularly valuable leading into the winter months when we are all under more stress physically.  Some people prefer to take them all year round, but if we want the benefits for minimum expense, then using them for three months each year would probably help us all.

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