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Should I go into the pharmacy myself?


My husband ordered medication for both of us last week. Our daughter in law went into fetch it today. His won't be ready until tomorrow and they have no trace of mine. They told my DIL that I should ring the surgery. The are not taking calls. The pharmacy is constantly engaged. Would it be dangerous for me to go into the pharmacy myself and re order my medication?

It's my blood pressure medication that I am due to run out of first. How bad would it be if I had to stop taking this for a while? I'm on Indapamide and Lisiopril. As I have plenty of Bisoprolol which, as a beta blocker, might also lower my blood pressure.

What are everyone's thoughts? Feeling a tiny bit panicky!


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I can only speak about my experience Katie - I'm in the UK.

The pharmacy (mine) is following the guidelines and only one person is allowed in at a time. I'll drive in to collect my med's and follow guidelines. Please don't panic as I'm sure you can collect your med's safely.

It can take a couple of days for the presciption to hit the chemist. Keep your eye on the ball and I'm sure you'll be fine ;-)


Edit Katie - just to clarify. I meant it's the pharmacy I use - not my business ;-)

thank you! I had emailed the surgery and they have sorted it out so I can have them collected at a less busy pharmacy. I think I panicked unnecessarily. My children said I could order my pills on line but I went all old-lady and couldn't cope. I'm ok now. Back to the deep breathing!

That's great Katie.


lallym in reply to katiefforde

You can also get them posted to you.

Yes, ours was doing this too. Sensible!

Hi Katie, if ever my prescription has been delayed then our Pharmacist has given me enough to get by, to then deduct the amount given to tide me over once the prescription has arrived. Would yours help in this way?

I'm in the US and very aware that our system is far from perfect but from your description I'm shocked at the amount of red tape you Brits have to put up with.

From many business and pleasure trips to the UK I've experienced your medical system a small number of times; near Heathrow, in Wimbledon and once in Shropshire County. My experiences have felt a little more third worldy than what I would have expected plus other than Wimbledon the clinics have smelled like what we call a preschool.

If the pharmacy has lost the order can't they simply call the doctor? If they won't, can't you just call another pharmacy that will? I'm assuming your pharmacys still work under the free enterprise system, don't they? We do pay a lot more for many meds than you do, maybe this is why?

If the above sounds rude such that somebody in power wants to delete it, I won't be offended. Shut in by the threat of virus I'm not my nicest self.

Oh, I'm sorry about the Third Worldlyness! My problem was sorted. I had emailed my surgery and they rang me. They told me that the particular pharmacy was snowed under and directed my prescription to another pharmacy, very near the first. So all is well! That will be 3 months supply so we hope things will be a bit improved by then.

I was brought up in Wimbledon.

Thank you for your reply.

Desanthony in reply to HiloHairy

Our pharmacy always calls the surgery - or even goes in - they are only next door and sorts it out and then telephones us when the prescription is ready. When this lockdown started it was difficult to contact either the surgery or the pharmacy as engaged for nearly a whole day, we went down and spoke to the receptionist through the door (!) but things have calmed down now - well they have at my surgery and pharmacy though the first day I did offer to just answer their phone.

This is what I keep saying. this is the WEAK LINK in the chain I am in the same boat

I'm lucky that I'm sorted now. It does make you wonder though. I have a small problem I need to see the bank about but don't think it's worth risking my health and the health of the community for. I may have to have another go at telephone banking! Ido hope you get your problem sorted out. I emailed the surgery and they rang me back and were able to help.


Thomas45 in reply to katiefforde

Katie, if you can email, then ordering prescriptions on line is your next step, and onlin banking also. Stay safe.

Got the same ran out of calcium blockers and pharmacy said they don’t have it so rang gps and they said sent yesterday. I asked pharmacy if they could ring docs got no they are busy will have to wait till it turns up. My next month I’m changing pharmacy’s to a delivery service.

john6 in reply to Janelr

A silly attitude from your Pharmacy, do they not realise that they are nothing without their customers?

katiefforde in reply to john6

I think they're just snowed under. I was worried but not cross about it. Difficult times!

Janelr in reply to john6

Yes sadly now been told another 48 hours as they’ve ran out . Didn’t think medication there would be a problem usually get next day lesson learnt to me.

katiefforde in reply to Janelr

I'm going to do that too. Son in law says it's easy. He did it for his mum. Sadly we'll have to work out how for ourselves now!

Oh I am so sorry! So worrying! xxx

Can you E-Mail the pharmacy and the surgry

Hi Katie similar thing happened to me yesterday, I rang GP and they sorted it script was in pharmacy whole time . Could they not loan you some until prescription is reissued ?

Hi! The matter was sorted. I had emailed the surgery and they sent the script to another, less busy pharmacy. I'll get them on Friday, which is fine. xxx

I live in B.C. Canada. When my GP gives me a prescription, I zerox it before I take it to the pharmacy. That way, I have a record if there is any confusion. When I take the prescription to the pharmacy, it gets into the computer. system right away.

I have been having my meds from this pharmacy for ages, so I have lots of copies of what I need. But with coronavirus their usual efficiency has been somewhat compromised. But my daughter is getting us organised so we can have our medication delivered. I also gave them lots of notice (just as well!) but it's just these hard times. Thank you for replying.

Hi Katie

I empathise with your panic and the difficulty about actually getting through to your surgery or pharmacy.

Could you get your son/daughter in law to sign you up to one of the GP on line services ? We use Evergreen and I just tap on the app on my iPad and order my repeat prescription. The medication is ready to pick up 2 days later. I shall explore the possibilities of getting it delivered since I am now in lockdown since I have been symptomatic since Sunday.

My symptoms have thankfully been mild (aching lungs, niggling dry cough, headache and fatigue). I used the online 111 contact

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