Alcohol Spanish & Italian wine no Preservitives no Af

Adding this news to your site. I've been Drinking Spanish & Italian Wine as they do not have the Presertives that Australian Wines have. Guess what with no AF. Alcohol is my trigger as well.

Great news for myself as I can now have a wine.

Just thought I would let you all know as it may help some of you out there. Let's know if it works for you.

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  • Thanks for the info. A little more research on this might be a pleasure for us all!

  • I used to drink almost nothing but Spanish wines, mainly Rioja and Tempranillo. It was a trigger for me.

  • Any particular ones? I've not noticed any Italian ones that I've had have to be sulphide free.

  • Can anyone recommend any wines or ciders that dont have sulphites sold in the UK? I would love to try them.

  • I've just been through my stock of Spanish & Italian wine including Rioja, Chianti, Tempranillo, etc. (having a look not tasting!) and they all have sulphites. The European wines tend to have the lettering a lot smaller and not always in English so it's more easily missed.

  • Marks and Spencers do a red and white (think rose too) sulphite free.

    This range;


  • the trouble with some wines as I have come to understand it ,is they are bottled in Britain with wine that comes over in big vats on ships with all the preservatives in for the journey , I would always check the labels and make sure it is bottle at origin just a thought

  • The problem is ALL wines have some sulphite in and as there is no legislation to ensure they tell us how much they just have to say it contains SOME.

    I got s 'sulphite removal chemical' from NZ to add to my wine, but it didn't make a difference. I try to drink Organic wines if possible - Waitrose do a few good ones, but I think it's the alcohol that's my trigger not other factors.

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