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Altitude in Tenerife no AF lots of Wine coming Home no Wine

Went to visit my Brothers in Tenerife 2 months ago had lots of Wine for lunch & Dinner with no AF. I was told there's no Sulphates in the European Wine is that true.

Not an option to change Address from Australia to Spain. Interesting I had AF in Madrid which brings me back to Altitude ????? It's a thought. I'm guessing. My brother who goes to Tenerife for the weekend from Madrid doesn't get AF either in Tenerife.

Will be interested in all your thoughts.

Rob ???????

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As far as I know wine in Europe can be with or without sulphur, but thought it was mainly with. It's only the alcohol that affects me as alcohol-free wine or beer has no effect on my at all no matter how much I drink, even if it has sulphur in it which my a-free wine does.

Others have reported they get AF with a-free wine, so maybe that's sulphur affecting them too?



I always had problems with alcohol free anything and understood that the product is made in the same way as normal before the alcohol is removed with an osmotic process.


I don't know the process Bob. But I'd like to find out sometime. Some of the wine I drink are described as a-free, and some are described as de-alcoholised. The latter seem to be better quality and more wine-like, and more expensive, so maybe they are the "osmotic" ones. I'm going to research it. There's always a catch :-(


I understand that some form of diaphragm or film allows alcohol to pass through whilst leaving the wine behind. It is a process widely used in desalination plants. Not sure or the exact chemical composition of the film.


Look forward to the results of your research



Heard similar comments , a friend (not AF) confines wine drinking to stuff brewed specifically for local consumption ie checks if no additives. Suspect wines sent to big cities like Madrid are not additive free.

Enjoy what you an when you can.


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