Hi Everyone,

just wanted to let you know my Ablation went ok yesterday now home and resting up, would like to thank you all for your support and making me feel at ease, i was first one down but not sure how long i was in Lab for think it was about 3hrs they seem happy with me have to go back in 2 months, just so glad i have had it done now and not as bad as i thought it would be.


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  • Told you it was easy didn't I. Now rest plenty please.

  • Hi Bob,

    you did and thank you , I will Rest got strict orders ,


  • So glad it went well for you Suzy.

    Take it easy and recover soon.


  • So pleased it all went well for you, Now have a well deserved rest!

    Wendi x

  • Good to hear, hope you recover well!

  • Speedy recovery and good rhythms.

  • Well done Suzytoshoes 💐 Wishing you good health and happiness 😊

  • That's good to hear it all went well. Make sure you let us know how you get on. Best wishes.


  • Hi there, sounds like it wasn't too scary and you sound fine.

    Did you have a local or general anaesthetic?

    I'm having mine done on 15th April under a GA so won't know what's going on thank goodness.

    Enjoy your relaxation time and hope it's worked and you can enjoy the rest of your AF free life.

  • Hi i had sedation when i first went in, they told me i would probably not know much about it, and just let them know if any pain, it was just a bit uncomfortable when they first started , so told them dont Remember anything else, but i know now why they tell you to rest up, you feel ok but today i am a bit sore so making sure i rest again today, but if i need to have it again it would not bother me, it sounds more scary than what it is so good Luck you will be fine.


  • Great to hear it went so well for you and that it was done at Wythenshaw, now I don't feel so nervous if I need one done there. Let us all know how you get on, best wishes to you, Gemsmum

  • yes at it done at Wythenshaw, they are lovely really put you at ease and explain everything, i was very Nervous until i got there but no need to be ,


  • Mine is next Thursday. Hope you continue to recover well. I know you will try to rest but if possible please let us know how much energy you spend each day i.e. how long before you wash up...cook dinner....make the bed etc. Nobody has passed on this information so far and you seem just the right person with your lovely up beat attitude.

  • I had prepared the whole house and freezer for my ablation. I live alone but have a bachelor son who lives 10 miles away. I have lovely neighbours and a local god daughter so I was confident of support, if needed.

    My son was to stay overnight for as long as necessary. I had Spaghetti Bol prepared, along with grated cheese all fridged and ready for our return so he only had to cook the pasta. In the event I cooked it myself and I don't remember anyone doing washing up or anything else in my kitchen.

    I was tired and washed out for some weeks because of the GA, but certainly not incapable. I took it easy and rested as necessary with no undue exertion.

    You have to give your burnt and scarred heart time to heal.

  • Hi good Luck for next Thursday, i am not allowed to do anything at the moment, say rest up for a few days, and i must admit now i know why feeling a bit sore today, nothing bad just round the chest Area, think sedation coming out of System properly, but i will let you know how i go on are you having the Cryoablation?

    when you go they will explain everything to you what can do etc after i think its just a matter of doing things carfeully at first dont over do things,

    thank you for wishing me well same to you,


  • Hi Suzy,

    Great news, take it easy (as Bob says).

    My Best Wishes


  • Thank you Barry,


  • Hello Suzy

    So glad to hear all good for you and such a positive approach.

    Have mine booked for the 8th April.

    Please keep us posted as to how recovery goes as so helpful to hear for people like me following in your footsteps!

    Keep well with a strong rhythmic Beat!

    Best wishes


  • Thank you Sarah,

    good luck for the 8th of April, I am sure everything will go fine and everyone on here have been so helpful to me which has helped me a lot, i am sure everything will be fine for you too,


  • Oh snap Suzy - I am in for mine on the 8th April as well!

  • I mean Sarah. Suzy I hope your recovery goes peacefully and well.

  • So glad all went well, give yourself time to recover and take things easy.


  • Thank you Jackie,

    I will Suzy

  • Best wishes for a good recovery.

    Lynn x

  • good on ya.......keep us informed of progress...

  • Thank you,


  • Take it easy and expect to be waited on!...NO.... demand to be waited on!

  • Ha ha I will must admit my Hubby has been brillent,


  • Best wishes for a good recovery

  • Great stuff good luck hope it works for you x

  • Hi...glad it went ok for you and you are recovering well......I am waiting for a date for mine.

    Getting myself worked up over many things to do with the actual procedure. Can I ask how long did it take? Was you awake? Did you feel anything? And mostly did it hurt..

    You wouldn't think I had 3 children but this is reall freaking me out.

    Any help or advice to get through this would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Hi Lainylees,

    Yes I was awake when i first went in they give you sedation, so you keep dropping off i could see screens so thought i might be able to watch but i kept dropping off dont feel any pain was slightly uncomfortable when first doing it then i not remember anything, they tell you to just tell them if you not happy with anything, they are there all time even though you cant see them, I was Terrified and i have had major ops and did not bother about them Lol I think it is just the thought of it, but you will be fine nothing to worry about,

    what hospital are you going too?


  • Thanks Suzy... It will be in Edinburgh.... I know what you mean, I have had all sorts of medical stuff done but for some reason this is freaking me tired are you feeling now? That's another thing I'm always on the go and to have to rest is gonna frustrate me....I am sure it will be ok but speaking to people like you helps... Thanks .

  • thanks Suzy....mine is Monday.. and my conscious mind is not worried, but I sure am having some weird nervy moments! Posts like yours are such a help for those of us who are waiting...

  • Hi Lizty, I was very Nervous and I have had Major op's so did not know why so Nervous but nothing to be Nervous about the Nurses etc were Lovely explained everything to put you at ease, would not be Nervous again if have to have it done again, I had sedation but did not know much about it really I just feel a bit sore now and again round chest area but nothing bad they told me will feel different things at first until it settles down.

    so Good Luck for Monday, let us know how you go I am sure you will be fine will be thinking of you.


  • Good luck Litzy.... Be interested to hear how your experience goes.... I'm so chicken about this and ive had 3 kids... Lol.

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