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Just to say...I've had my fav Chinese on Friday night with my family n no heart flutters or svts lol I'm so happy...feeling much better after my ablation last Tuesday...and as most of u know I've been dying for a Chinese for a was best meal ever.....just wondering now...I've not had any flutters or pulpatating...why do u need to rest for two weeks now?

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Because your heart has had a lot of work done inside and need time to recover. Overdo things now an you could waste all that work like I did the first time.

Good news on the Chinese. We went last night for Mothers Day. Sechuan Chilli Beef in my case.


So how long is rest period to benefit me...I feel OK...I went to do bit shopping yesterday for an hour n then bk in bed but felt bit sicky..wats best time to get up n start again my life Bob xx


You don't have to be in bed, just take it easy. No lifting, running, swimming, over eating or drinking etc for at least two weeks and then gradually ease back into normal life. Keep well hydrated at all times. It is all too easy to think you are cured and forget how much has happened to your heart. The full healing process is three to six months as I am sure they told you but after the first few weeks you can be normal.



Don't do too much too soon! Potter round the house, but don't go using a heavy vacuum cleaner etc. Get the family to pamper you for a couple of weeks. You will soon feel well enough to get back to normal.

Lynn x


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