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No more Warfarin or Carbimazole

Seems radioactive iodine worked on my thyroid and as agreed with cardio consultant after 3 months euthyroid and a lot longer heart in sinus rhythm I no longer take carbimazole as from today and last warfarin dose was Sunday night. I feel better already. Off to get INR check this morning but only because I am having a dental clean tomorrow and sometimes it can cause gums to bleed a bit and INR takes a few days to go back to normal . Still on Bisoprolol and Ramipril for blood pressure and to keep the ticker well behaved.

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Well done.

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Thank you Elaine x


Nice to read about someone who has the same as me, feeling better. I've just been on carbimazole for a month and been in persistent afib since October. Feels like I'm never going to feel better. How did you find the radioactive iodine? If faced with the choice I'm not sure what I'd choose as I have small children, but TT obviously requires surgery.

Happy Euthyroid and NSR!


Hi, thanks for your message. I found radioactive iodine great for me, my children are now grown up and the exile bit was ok.....I read a lot of good books. Had mine done at The Christie Hospital in Manchester, staff and everyone there were absolutely brilliant and explained it all to me. I went into a small lab and the technician put the dose of radioactive iodine in a small amount of water and pushed it to me on a small chute, I drank it and disposed of the cup etc and then off home. You will feel better in time, hang on in there, took me almost 2 years and as the thyroid situation improved the Afib did too. Best wishes.


Hi Amy, I too was on Carbimazole just over a year ago. I had developed an over active thyroid due to Amiodarone. When my thyroid calmed down my AF episodes went from every week for anything up to 4 days to about once every 3 months. I didn't have any issues with Carbimazole, but was glad to strike off one of the drugs I was on at the time.

Hope all goes well


Thank you Jason, so far so good. Best wishes.


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