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coronary angiogram and bp


Hi everyone,

Here's an update to all (particularly the folks who replied to my queries) re: high BP readings and coronary angiogram. Had the angiogram a fortnight ago - although anxious beyond belief before the procedure - it was painless and all went well, without a hitch - I was given some IV "lah-lah land" medication that took the edge off the 1/2 an hour while the procedure took place. A catheter was inserted into an artery in the left wrist and was threaded through to my heart, a small amount of dye injected. Next to me a type of TV screen showed up my coronary arteries in all their glory. A follow up report with results came through a week later. I am happy to say all was well, with some calcification of a couple of the arteries. I was told this was due to my age - 7O this year (how did that happen so fast)?? and general wear and tear of life.

Re: BP - after my BP home readings which had been creeping up over the months to unacceptable levels ranging from 190/100 to 170/95 (my bp machine tested by a nurse at the surgery) - with changes of medication dosages, and an added a diuretic (water pill) - slowly over the last 6 weeks my BP readings are now an acceptable 125/80 to 135/85. To keep an eye my BP, I take a reading once a week.

Good health to all,


Musetta :)

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Thanks for that. It all sounds more than good enough! I like your the technical terminology and have made a note. I welcome a visit to lah-lah land if the option is available.

Musetta in reply to Rellim296


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