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I would like to thank to everybody about explanation of the vagal AF. You are a great group and very knowledgeable. One medication that I was asked to take was Rythmol or Propafenone. After the nuclear test my doctor felt my heart is in a good condition and my vagal AF is connected with my heartburn and mild hiatal hernia. Propafenone does have some ingredients of beta blocker and I know that these are not good for vagal AF. My electrophysiologist stated that the beta blocker in my medication is a small amount. I do feel that this small amount makes me very tired and doesn't solve my digestive system. What do you think about the effectiveness of Propafenone? I am living in US.

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  • Hi Choroba, I have had excellent success with Propafenone; actually other than Tikosyn, which had a significant side effect for me, it is the only one to ever work for me. My AF (prior to ablation) was very tied in with digestion, and at the time of ablation, my EP said my esophagus is unusually tight against my heart. Everyone has different responses to the meds, vagal or otherwise. One side note, my heartburn went away completely when I switched to a whole food/plant based diet (my EP's very strong recommendation for all his patients). I am also in the U.S. Also, any fatigue from meds for me has been overridden by exercise, just pushing past it.

    Good luck. Let us know how you do.

  • Propafanone was good for me and I do agree about the beta blocker affect which is very small.

  • I took it for 2-3 years and it worked great. Beta-blockers do not work on me, just make me feel slooooow, but Propafenone didn't do that to me.


  • As far as the effectiveness of Propafenone I found that it was doing it's job however I had to discontinue it due to side effects. I was very tired and my chest was tight as a drum along with wheezing. I am also on a couple of beta blockers for COPD. They started me on flecainide six days ago and that is working for me so far. Like you I have a small hiatal hernia and I take dexlansoprazole (Dexilent) a proton pump inhibitor.

  • I don't mean to sound a killjoy but I had dreadful effects from Prop... My heart rate shot up, found myself in resus, and it was the only time I feared for my life during 20 years of AF.

    Having said that lots of people here give it glowing references.


  • There are contraindications which your prescriber should be aware of. It worked like a charm for me for many years but I had to stop taking it when my heart condition changed. I have chronic heartburn, not sure what type of AF but I can't take beta blockers because of lung problems.

  • Propafanone was what Michael Jackson was taking when he died. I guess it needs to be prescribed correctly. It should not be taken with some drugs. Big red alert on the drug sheet when I was taking it.

  • Yes, I checked. You are correct. I apologize. My doctor told me incorrect information. This is the great benefit of this forum. Someone will politely correct an incorrect post. Thank you Happyjo.

  • I am working to improve my digestion system as I believe a poor one (via the Vagus Nerve) contributes to a level which can trigger AF.

  • I noticed it too and then it was confirmed by my electrophysiologist. Unfortunately it has happened after several years leaving some doctors because they just didn't want to accept the concept of vagal AF and the fact that digestive system does play a role in it. When I eat now I try to eat slowly, a small amount and try to clean up my esophagus with a lot of water after a meal. My esophagus got often inflamed because of my hiatal hernia. It is a complex issue, but I am glad that the doctor started to pay attention to it.

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