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Confused re should I go to hospital


I ve been on a rocky road this year but feel I am getting on top of it. I had bypas in October 2013 after heart attack recovered really well Bu February 2015 started with arrhythmia which in July 2015 was revealed to be sick sinus syndrome caused by bradycardia and tachycardia so had pacemaker implanted sept 2015. And since then seem to have had slow recovery and episodes of af as pacemaker only deals with slow heartbeat. I ended up seeing ep in November who greatly improved my situation by turning pacemaker down so only kicks in if heart rate drops below 50 he also reduced my beta blocker Nebbiolo to 5mg however when I went to see him in Feb he reduced it again to 2.5 as I still felt I had not got my energy back .

This was all well for a week when I went into af coincidently I had nurse appointment at go that morning and I took my bp onmachine in waiting room my hr was 145 then 138 and on final reading 82 the nurse did egg and it was 138 we discussed this and I said ep said I did not need to go to hospital unless in af for 48 hours so I went home and went back to normal 5 hours later I did take another 2.5 of Nebivol the worrying part is my gp rang that night said I have just discovered your hr was 145 this morning you must go straight to hospital I explained I was ok back in nsr but this has left me very confused just what to do next time anyone else who has similar problems my thoughts were I am learning to live with this condition .

Also I have had residual muscle pain mainly on left side put down to muscle pain on and off since bypass but more on than off since pacemaker implant but strangely this disappeared the week I was only on 2.5 beta blocker anyone any idea on this puzzle.

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General guidance is that unless you have chest pain. fainting or dizzyness then hospital is a bit pointless. Be guided by what you EP has told you NOT your GP .

We are all different and if you really worry then A and E buy all means but take a good book and sandwiches as you may have to wait a very long time there.

By the way BP machines seldom give correct reading if you are in AF.

constabule in reply to BobD

Two things ive since I found myself stuck on this roller coaster is iss all very confusing and BobD gives helpful comments (even if you dont always like it)

Last time I felt really rough rang the cardiac nurse she advised to see GP for an ECG straight away - they could not do it so went down to walk in centre and told to go straight to an A & E no messing . So yup , confusing I think you have to do what you think is right for you based on the expert advice you get.

Thought Id try my My BP machine needed 3 goes to give a reading. BP seems very high but HR around 45 .

grandadbren1 in reply to BobD

Yes I agree my bp machine does not read hr if I'm in af however the fancy put your arm inside one in Drs did and the reading was confirmed by the nurse doing ecg not egg as it came out in my post lol . I have been to Drs tonight and had a chat the outcome is apparently if my ventricular rate is in time with my atrial I will feel very unwell and that is the time to go to a and e so be guided by how I feel. The good news is I have felt well since and he agreed a holiday would be ok so am looking to go somewhere a bit warmer in March all being well and if the insurance is a bit high will just have pay

My cardiologist once said to go to New Zealand as we a reciprocal health agreement with them. I said that I prefer Australia where they do not cover existing conditions.

I am hoping I can visit Australia end of year if I get this under control we last went in 2006 and always intended to go back for 3 months but the year we planned to go I had heart bypass.

I agreeBobD I have attended a and e with af 3 times now when had chest pain as well and it's a sitting and waiting matter as had to have the blood test for heart attack which has to be 12 hours after onset of pain it is however better to wait and be safe and I have never felt a nuisance or that it was not necessary quite the opposite .

I have been to A&E three times with AF, high BP and some chest pain. Once I was kept for a couple of nights the other times I was there for up to 14 hours waiting for the second blood test results to come back and was sent home at 1.10 am.

Same at my last visit to a and e discharge 1 am in morning but if back in nsr it's a joy

Of course I mean normal rhythm

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