I was diagnosed with svt when I was pregnant and worsening throughout my pregnancy I was having it several times a week for several hours, they did the catheter ablation 6 weeks after giving birth it's now 3 months since and I have stabbing chest pains and a pretty much constant heavy pain and have had my svt 3 times since but I can't even walk into my kitchen without my heart rate increasing to about 150bpm and me being short of breath wondering if anyone else had has this problem following an ablation I also have a damaged nerve when they did the opp causing me to get an aching arm that goes cold and numb going from my left shoulder to my left hand

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  • I have not had an ablation so I cannot comment on the first bit of your post.

    If it was me and you have not returned sinus rhythm I would be getting to A & E and having this checked out.

    Please let us know the out come.

  • Sorry to hear this but have you contacted the arrhythmia department where the procedure was done? That would be my fist point of call.

  • This is definitely not the expected result.

    Sometimes a partially successful ablation (which weakens but does not eliminate the extra pathway) can cause an almost incessant milder tachycardia. Alternatively there could be some bleeding into the space around your heart causing the pain and making the pumping less efficient - this is potentially serious.

    I think you should get your family doctor to arrange an urgent visit to the hospital to have an echocardiogram and a 24 hour heart recording and review by your cardiologist.

  • I am so sorry!! No I know nothing re this. I just have afib but I cant imagine having all of this with a new baby.

  • Becky, i just wanted to send you an ehug, I've had one svt attack 4 months ago, was in palpitations for days, went into a n e at 170bpm and was going up to 300bpm for hours with mini blackouts - so i cannot imagine how you could cope with this in pregnancy and childbirth and now coping with a newborn - my heart goes out to you girl - don't carry on alone - get some help! Phone someone like the cardiologist or ep and make sure someone is supporting you emotionally. Maybe babylove hormones are holding you together? Stay strong, let us know how you get on x

  • Thank you everyone, I've had an appointment with a cardiologist and typically my heart rate was 80 so I have to go for another echo and have a monitor for 7 days, also have an appointment with the cardiologist who did the surgery on Thursday so will hopefully get some answers, driving me mad as I can't do anything without getting short of breath or having pain! Dying to get out on runs! X

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