Update on bowel problem and still AF free heart!

Hi all, so grateful for your kind messages.

I had thought a bug, damage to vagus nerve? Rivaroxaban?

Diverticulitis! The consultant says no but I am convinced the large dose of Diltiazem I had to start, causing dreadful constipation, then the sudden removal of my medications which both affected my bowels, had a part in leading up to this.

I am now on only two antibiotics and feeling much better. The surgeon told me bluntly that if the antibiotics did not work I would lose a section of my large bowel. I don't feel in any state for that at the moment so I'm very relieved. I shall have an examination later and I guess then options will be discussed.

I also have a small pneumothorax at the top of my left lung, don't suppose that could be connected to the ablation? I know I woke up in a panic gasping for air and could not explain what the problem was, well I think now I know!

This is a wonderful example of what happens when you do not persist in seeking a diagnosis! I knew I had something worse than IBS, to conclude in the famous words of Spile Milligan 'I told you I was ill.'

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  • Oh Buffafly you have been through the mill! Do hope you get everything under control soon ..........very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery and keep us updated. xx

  • I'm sorry to hear things are not too good for you, I hope you're better soon x

  • This is truly awful for you Buffafly. Good that you are feeling a bit better and heart rate OK. though. Do hope that antibiotics do their job.

    Sandra x

  • What a complete nightmare for you Buffafly. Will they have to do anything re the pneumothorax? Will be sending healing thoughts your way and praying that all will be well. Please let us know how you get on.

    Jean x

  • Only tiny pneumothorax thank goodness, I asked a doctor if it could have happened during the ablation and he said quite possibly with all the metalwork in my spine and whatnot.

  • More hugs for a speedy return to normal. Keep updating .... we are all following you with interest.

  • Yes that is on his grave stone I think. So sorry that you have yet another problem but at least they are getting on top of it. It will soon all be behind you.. joke intended.

    Take it easy.


  • Good one, lol

  • echo all comments above. Thoughts are with you. Take care.

  • So sorry that your problems are still mounting up, but the antibiotics

    will soon sort you out Im sure.

    Take care, Shirley.

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