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Cryo ablation done!!!!

Had it done yesterday. Took about 4 1/2 hours. I thought I'd get one last swim in the pool prior to the procedure. Bad choice. Heart started atrial flutter. Doctor just looked at me when I told him and shook his head. They had to cardio vert me in order to get my heart back into SNR. Last night was probably one of the hardest nights of my life. Didn't get any sleep. Had to remain still for six hours and flat until the blood clotting reached a certain level. When it did they started to pull out the sheaths inserted in the arteries. The sheaths are put in as an access point for the balloon. They had problem getting them out and it got really"messy". Then I had to lay still for another 6 hours flat on my back until that clotted up. I must say other than being uncomfortable due to my back being in that position for that long I experienced no pain. They have me on Warfarin now for 3 months. Lots of other anticoagulants. Today I feel great. Partly due to its over (hopefully) and my HR is running like a clock. Doctor told me no exercise for 2 weeks then to start out moderately. I guess I'm going to have to look up that word in the dictionary :-) . I would suggest anyone who is going to have this procedure done ask the doctor go into detail what recovery really entails so you know what to expect. He may not really know and you may end up talking to his nurse. Thanks for all the support on this site. Don't think I would have done it without reading all of you folks experiences

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Hi Paul. It's such a great feeling when you surface and it's all over and your heart is just doing nicely!

I think you've been unlucky with having to lie flat for so many hours. But that's behind you too.

Not easy to take things moderately if you are feeling fine. Take care not to lift anything heavy for a few days. Try using a fitness monitor and see how many steps you are taking in a day and if you are clocking up active minutes when you think you are just pottering!

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Glad it's over for you! You must have had a slightly different procedure than what I experienced. There was no problem with my being in AF at the start. In fact, I think it helped locate the areas more quickly. Plus, no pulling out sheaths or anything else while awake. Nor lying flat, etc. There must be as many techniques and procedures as there are hearts out there! I think I would be dreading #2 ablation even more if the first had been like that. Fingers crossed.


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