Attacks of AF

Hi there all my fellow AFs wonder if someone can help me. The technician at my Pacemaker check said that I was in 40 per cent of the time in AF , after being Paroxsymel, I asked him if it went to be all the time would I feel as poorly as I do today. He said I would get used to it and they could do nothing. Anyone out there could you tell me if this is true, because I feel terrible today. Thank you Sann

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  • Your pacemaker is supposed to keep your ventricular rate steady thereby ensuing a good supply of blood. It wont affect the fibrillation which will do its own thing regardless. Not sure why you should feel any different in or out of NSR with a PM.

  • Thanks for that Bob you are always so calming, sorry to be such a pain,occasionally I get these panic attacks and sit here wondering what is going to happen, habitual worrier that's what I am. Sann

  • Oh I know that problem! You are not alone.

  • Hi sann

    Yes you get used to it, it really depends on what the AF does to your heart rate, and if you have a pacemaker fitted then that is likely to be very little.

    I am in AF 24/7 and can't remember what it was like not being in AF, and even when I was cardioverted back into NSR for a few short hours couldn't tell the difference, it will feel better soon I am sure.

    Be well


  • Hi Ian thanks for replying , unfortunately when I have an af it really makes me poorly, I have to go and lie down, Although they said the pacemaker wouldn't stop the af,so I quess I will have to put up with it as I am too old to have an ablation (81) this year. Take care Sann

  • Hi Beancounter, may I ask what is your heartbeat when you are in AF 24/7?

  • Hi Captain, around 75 most of the time but when I exercise it almost immediately jumps up to around 110-120 even during my "warm up"

    Be well


  • Can you be cardioverted when you have a pacemaker ?

  • Hi Seasider

    I think (But please check) the answer is No, the pacemaker controls the ventricular rate but not the atrial rate, so you can certainly be in AF with a pacemaker. However a CV of course zaps the atria back causing the normal ventricular rate, but would interfere with the pacemaker.

    Be well


  • I assumed that would be the situation.

    I am still in AF but not noticeably so with my pacemaker.

  • I am 82 in March and due for ablation in four weeks. Watch out for an oldies result. I have had paroxymal Af for 5 years. Not very frequent but viscious when it happens.

  • Hi enjoy I will watch out how you get on with the ablation, can I ask what hospital you are having it. Take care will be thinking about you Sann

  • Harefield. Really lovely people there.

  • Thank you enjoy, that hospital is in London isn't it? Sann

  • Yes Outer London

  • When your heart is fibrillating it isn't delivering as much blood to the body as it normally does. Of course you won't feel as well as when you're in normal rhythm. Perhaps the matter is not that you have arrhythmias, but how strong they are and how long they last. You might want to take notes. Keep track of your pulse, if you can measure it, how long the attacks last, how you feel, and what you're doing before they start. If nothing else, you'll get to know the dynamic. Knowledge is power, especially in such a variable situation as AF.

    Best of luck.

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