Coagucheck which one?

The Italian association for anticoagulation patients are offering two types of testers the Roche Coagucheck XS at €665 and Voden qLabs at €237,90. I have just re-read the posts about the Coagucheck and wondered if anyone has got the Voden one or knows anything about it? As you can see there is a big difference in the price - and these are special prices for Association members! Pauline

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  • I use Roche xs but which was 299 pounds sterling. Look on Roche's own web site. You should not have to pay the VAT. I have no knowledge of the other one.

  • Thanks. Unfortunately in Italy we do have to pay the VAT (and any other tax they are likely to invent :) )

  • Check with Roche. They waive the tax if you have AF.

  • Check also on the price of consumables. The strips in UK you can buy privately, without paying VAT, and without a prescription. My guess is that the Roche machine is the most well known in UK. Here is what I got with some googling. Three self-testing devices are available for use by patients in the UK: CoaguChek XS , INRatio , and Protime 3 .

  • Unfortunately the site is only available in the UK. World Wide Web??? Will check INRatio and Protime 3 as Voden is probably known by another name in UK.

  • But you can get the strips on prescription.

  • In some areas only

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