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Pounding in my chest but beat was regular

I have suffered PAF for over ten years and have been on Flecanaide for almost that long. I had an ablation for flutter three years ago which was successful but unfortunately still have PAF. Last year my episodes started to come on more often so EP increased dosage from 200 to 300 mgs last June. I haven't had an episode until last night when I started with that familiar thump. I started to take my heart rate which was 57 which is normal for me at rest. My chest was pounding, I could actually count the beats happening in my chest but my rate only fluctuated from 57 to 68. I didn't feel any of the normal irregular chaos as I normally do during an episode so am questioning what was happening to me. I lasted for about 6 hours and was unable to sleep with the pounding . Any opinions would be appreciated , thanks

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Sorry the only way you would tell what it was is with an ECG which is too late now. 68 is still a normal rate so maybe you were getting the feeling due to a large meal? That often makes the heart feel "heavy". It is possible to have slow AF but if the rate was stable it isn't likely to be that. One of those few occasions when an Alivecor would be useful.


Thank you for your reply. I did where a Fitbit last night and tracked heart rate which went from 57 to 68 with beats in between. I didn't have a large meal only some eggs and toast 3 hours before started. I did have a camomile tea right before began. Wouldn't it be wonderful to figure out exactly triggers these episodes. Think it's time to seriously consider an ablation to resolve this monster. In the meantime will keep going on with life best I can !


Those sort of gadgets are pretty useless if you ARE in AF as they are quite incapable of reading it.


Yes I'm aware of that just good to know HR isn't too fast. Do you suggest another device?


Good old fashioned pulse check works for me. Anything from 60 to 80 is fine although some doctors say 100 top end. Below 60 is bradycardia. Many athletes have lower rates but generally 60 to 80 is normal.

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My husband (not got AF known) has started with the pounding so is being sent for ecg and bloods, where as mine started with pounding and tachycardia. AND irregular beats


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