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Exercise and my pacemaker


After a long struggle with AF, I had a pacemaker fitted last year. Previous to my poor health, I was very active and enjoyed outdoor activities - biking, hill walking and so on.

A major target for me post-op was to regain fitness and resume the activities I love. It's been slow but steady progress for me. Stamina was the main hurdle to overcome. I would reach the 20 minute mark and hit the hall.

Anyway, my main concern is about my heart's ability to speed its rate to meet physical exertion. I'm currently set at a resting rate of 60 and a higher rate of 140. This is fine for most activity. They've tweaked my motion sensor/ accelerator to make it more sensitive to movement. However, I notice that during strenuous but slow activity (steep stairs, steep hills) the sensor clearly isn't picking up on my need for an increased rate. It usually sticks at around 80 BPM. This, understandably, can be quite debilitating.

My clinician doesn't want to make the accelerator any more sensitive. I can understand that!

So I am putting this out there. Has anyone else had experience of this? I am due back to see my consultant next month, and I would love to have some clearer questions to ask. Many thanks

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Hi, has the pacemaker done away with the AF. I seem to be on the same track as you. Several years of hospital visits, 2 ablation for Afib and flutter and was told if there was anything further I would be looking at a pacemaker. Awaiting appointment with dr grub at eri following svt and a&e visit


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