Meal Times - Change Them!!!

According to an article on page 13 of yesterday's Daily Mail taking a later breakfast and an earlier evening meal led to lower levels of body fat, cholesterol and blood sugar within a few weeks - all thanks to teh longer overnight "fasting" time.

This is in TV programme on BBC2 on Wednesday 13 January - Trust me I'm a Doctor.

Can't post link as I don't have a subscription to online version.

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  • Is a cup of tea and a slice of toast Breakfast? Is 6.30 pm too late for dinner? I even look at food and I put weight on. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. How many AFers can eat late in the evening and then sleep? Well that's entertainment.

  • Yes I know we are all different and I have said that following your footsteps!!!

    I jJust saw the article as I was eating my late breakfast and before taking the dog for a walk and so out up post straight away before I forgot so people can see the programme on Wednesday.

  • You often make me chuckle Bob ..... Keep it up!

  • ....the trouble is with me is if I have an early evening meal I'm in and out of the kitchen all night snacking :-( self discipline :-)

  • Thank you for letting us know about the programme. I will watch it.

  • I have heard something similar before, particularly around having a 12 hours overnight when you don't eat anything giving the body time to digest food and helping with weight control. Fortunately, my family always had tea at 5.30pm, which I still do. Unfortunately, we tended to have a supper later on... I think a lot will depend on your work/travel circumstances as well as family habits, but a good idea if you can do it.

  • Good point Peter, from my own experience over 15 years I take exercise before breakfast to increase the metabolic rate (i.e. reduce weight and I believe blood sugar). I have done one mile brisk walk with Nordic poles, eat a full fat diet and no longer use the scales.

    Walking is so low tech, people don't believe it can do any good - it is also an essential part of my anti AF programme.

  • Hi PeterWh

    There is some people that say fasting for a day or so, or then fasting something like sugar, coffee, meat or bread is good for you.

    I have done it for a few times, mainly for religious purposes and I found it "uplifting" but difficult.

    Dr Mosley had a program on it and said it can actually prolong your life. Interesting, and I want to learn more about it.


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