Mammogram and pacemaker

A question for the ladies here (and men if you can answer) I am having a mammogram next week and concerned about the pacemaker getting in the way. Not been well endowed they always seem to pull me into their infernal machine and always feel very painful afterwards. This will be my first since getting my pacemaker. Can the pacemaker or the leads be pulled out of place by the procedure?

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  • I can't answer that but feel sure that if you explain carefully before they start then they will have the information, or at least can refer to somebody who does. Why not ring the department concerned and share you fears now. I am not even sure that it is possible to have such treatment with a PM since they are sensitive to electromagnetic influence so you MUST find out. There are special ones with non metallic cases I do know that.

  • I chickened out of my last routine mammogram altogether but I know that if it is necessary to have one it can be replaced by an ultrasound exam which I have had in the past.

  • I am very interested in the answer to your question. I suspect I will be having a implantable loop recorder and wondered how this would impact with a mammogram.

  • Ps. I have just called my husband who works for national cancer screening. He is going to ring their breast screening lead to ask her about your question. In the interim you could ring your screening centre direct where you will be having your test and seek their advice.

    Hope this helps.

  • Phone your local one and tell them make and model of pacemaker. The actual screening machines will be different in different hospitals and screening units that go round the place. Both aspects are relevant. Then ask the same questions and give the same information to those in the screening unit.

  • Thank you all for your responses. Very helpful and kind as usual. I knew I could rely on you here for help

  • With regard to my earlier post. My husband asked the question and the reply is as follows from national breast screening programme. They can accommodate pacemakers ,internal loop recorders and devices at mammogram. It is nothing unusual to them.

    You need to tell them you have one and where it is sited. Worst case scenario, and this is unusual, is if the device is in the way of part of a breast then that part of the breast could be obscured on the images but the rest will be clearly visible. In that case it would be marked as obscured and why.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you so much mead foot. I appreciate your help x

  • I have a dual chamber pacemaker implanted. I have been twice to mammogram. No problem at all. The nurse taking the mammogram gently takes care of pm and the quality of the mammogram. I can suppose that in case they cannot get a proper picture of your breast, espec area near axilla, they continue with an ultrasound. So just go for it.

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