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Post Xmas diet - compatible with pacemaker and beta blockers?

I seem to have put on a lot of weight since getting my pacemaker and starting on beta blockers a year ago. And Xmas has made it even worse. I used to control my weight by being on the 5-2 fasting diet, but I felt unwell on the fasting days (on 600 calories per day) after getting the pacemaker. What other diets are suitable for people with a pacemaker and on beta blockers?

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It may be better to restrict calories each day- according to how much you want to lose.


Many people find they put on weight when on Beta Blockers, unfortunately.

Personally I don't like counting calories. I lost quite a lot of gained weight, then hit a plateau so recently consulted a nutritionist and after tweaking my diet have started losing again - main changes are eating much less in evening, no starchy foods at all including rices, potatoes, root veg etc. If I have them at all, I eat at midday. Also fast for at least 12 hours in every 24 - not hard as if we breakfast at 8-9am - just have nothing after 8 pm. Those are basically the only changes I made and seems to be working for me as I am losing about 2lbs a week - lost 5 lbs since Jan 1st.

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I don't have a pacemaker but I am on a high dose of beta blockers and I agree that if you're not careful you can easily put on weight.

Similarly to what's been mentioned, cut right back on all carbs such as bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes as well as all unnatural sugars such as sweets, cakes, snacks etc., then max up your fruit and veg. Try and get regular exercise - not so much to loose weight but to make you feel better, which will help you mentally with your weight loss. I personally don't like fasting diets,

I prefer to just cut out many carbs and replace with more veg and eat as usual every day. I've lost 4 stone (over 50lbs) just by doing this.


My doc prefers a heart healthy diet such as no processed foods, eat 5-7 servings of veggies and fruits daily, drink water not juices, avoid all alcohol. Fish at least twice weekly, olive oil for cooking.


Thanks everyone. Fewer carbs and more veg (at least in the evenings) then.


Exercise only thing that moves my weight and stabilises it on beta blocker flecainide and have pacemaker.


I'll keep walking / cycling the dog too, then.


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