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Is seal watching the answer?

Walking along the SW Coast Path in Cornwall today it came as no surprise to find myself tripping into AF whilst climbing the steep steps up to the Minack Theatre. We carried on to Porthgwarra where we spotted a seal in very rough seas within the cove.

To be honest we thought that, in such sea conditions, this chap might be in some trouble so close to the rocky cove. We clambered across the rocks to get a better look and it soon became clear that all was well. Obviously seals can have great fun in such surf without the need of a surfboard!

Having enjoyed watching an animal so comfortable with the elements we retraced our steps. Climbing back up from Porthgwarra I realised that I was back in NSR. This is the shortest bout of AF that I have ever experienced, into and out of AF in less than 90 mins.

Excercise, sea air and seal watching. That's the prescription, and it's free....just don't tell Osborne!

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I walked all 600 miles of the SWW and didn't see any seals, I saw one on the Pembrokeshire CP, but only when a Dutchman pointed it out: "Look, what do you call them......a sea-dog". They do have very dog-like faces. The most seals I've seen were the ones playing in Newquay harbour when I cycled to Lands End and back in 2006. They were waiting to go and meet the fishing boats as they came home at the end of the day.

In 2013 when I first went on the meds my heart was quite tetchy, and I cold switch my AF on by thinking about times like this when life was better, and then switch it off again by shifting my thoughts to something else.

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We used to get seals coming right up to the beach where we lived in Devon. Wonderful so see.


Taking in Nature at its own pace is one of the relaxation habits I have developed on a daily basis to reduce my AF potential. No seals though as 30 miles inland!

A driver for me from the start has been to come out stronger after AF than before and walks in Nature has many other health benefits e.g. avoiding diabetes through relaxed steady exercise.


Sounds like the perfect way to get rid of AF - perhaps all those happy endorphins help to banish it! I wouldn't be at all surprised. Seeing a seal in its natural habitat is a wonderful thing - I remember staying at a hotel near Inverewe in Scotland which was right on a loch, and watching seals bobbing around as we ate. Unforgettable experience.


There you go, you have your answer!

When I was a small girl we sailed a lot around the Hoyle Bank just off the Wirral coastline and there was a large seal pack. They were most inquisitive animals and I remember once trailing my hand in the water and feeling a cold nose and it was a seal just checking us out! Magical moment. I think they have mostly disappeared from there - replaced by a wind farm now.

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There is still a large colony of seals off Hilbre Island. I regularly Sea Kayak in the area and off Puffin Island. They are remarkable creatures. That said I don't think I would put my hand near those teeth. I have had them lying alongside the kayak and tickled the stomach_ with a paddle again the teeth look sharp.

Oh Yes- AF did not stop me doing the activity.

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