Day 4 post ablation

Well all has been going well. Normal steady pulse. Not too much bruising and no chest discomfort. Daily migraine but aware this may happen.

Until this morning. Thought I was infallible and bleached and mopped bathroom yesterday ( prior to the migraine). Groin,ached since and more bruising appeared and then this morning after my shower I have had a flutter or two and some dizziness!!

Bob is fountain of knowledge and is God as far as I am concerned. Slap on the wrist for me and slow down time!! Difficult to do with teenage boys and hubby and dog and Christmas but hey ho, either I want this to work or I don't!!

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  • Glad it has been going well, apart from the vision. Gilly, in two days time the bathroom will be as bad as ever. Just ignore it or lean on someone else! An ideal time, perhaps, for teenage boys to pitch in?

  • They are all willing to help but men have a different view on what is clean and tidy to women. And I am stubborn ha ha

  • Well, yes, one sometimes has to improve what others deem adequate - but it's not only men who consider the minimum to be enough! My in-laws had a cleaner who never moved any furniture and liked to dust. They needed someone who would do the bits they couldn't do and she would do what they could have done themselves. But she brightened the morning with cups of coffee and chatter and that was worth a lot.

  • Your heart is MUCH more important than a spotless bathroom, put up with men's version of clean for a couple of weeks. Best wishes

  • Not all men!!!!! I was taught very well by my mother and lon before I was a teenager!!!!

  • OH I do understand the dual standards. If I don't clean the floors properly my wife uses a tooth brush on the tile grouting. Mine usually! Put on some dark glasses so you can't see the dirt and REST damn you.

  • Sitting down as I type sir Bob!!. Having AF and trigeminal feeling in pulse now. This doesn't mean it has failed does it? Just a blip on healing process and to be expected for a while, similar to the migraines??

  • I had loads of dancing in my heart foir 5 months after asblation. It settled and two years later still AF free.

    Good luck🍀

  • Take that two weeks rest since your health is far more important!!!!! Why chance it.

  • Pos. Now in fast af!! Going to take an extra flecanide ( already on it twice daily). And see what happens

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