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Hi, I'm new to this site, was diagnosed with AF 5 weeks ago after being taken into hospital with a pulse of 171' have had a 24 heart pacer and echocardiogram and waiting for results, in the meantime my doctor has put me on beta blockers which I take times 3 times aday as I have palpitations many times a day lasting only a few seconds, the beta blockers appear to being doing the trick as I do not get as many as before, I was scared at first but am now more confident as I read through the posts and am glad there is such a lot of information in here

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Welcome to the site and the start of your AF journey. It can be long and winding but you have some great travelling companions here to help the trip along. Read all you can from the fact sheets on the main website (AF Association) and ask any questions which we will try to answer.

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Thank you so much for the welcome, it's really reasureing that there is so much information for me to digest and that there are many people out there to help


Hi -

I, too, have been recently diagnosed and am on beta blockers and warfarin. I am not sure the beta blockers help me much and I think it has got worse (though it could just be I am noticing it more). Fortunately, I have never had to go into hospital.

Have you had any further tests yet? I had a echocardiogram and 24 hour monitor. I then paid for a private appointment with an electro specialist who is putting me forward for a cryo ablation rather than going down the drugs route as we both felt that, on balance, it would be the better option for my circumstances. However, I think there are people on this forum who do OK with just the beta blockers - it all depends on your particular condition.

Best wishes



Hi Alan

Only the 24 heart monitor and echo-cardiogram, still waiting for the results, had them both a week ago, my doctor is currently chasing the results with the hospital, I still not sure which road I will be taking, my own doctor wants me to stay on the beta blockers for 28 days to see how I get on, still getting the palps but not as many. Still nervous about the whole situation but am sure I will get used to it

Kind Regards



I found that no one ever discussed the results of these tests with me, which was disappointing. My GP looked at a summary sheet for the echo - I wish I had asked for a copy. People on this forum are always saying to ask for copies of results, something which I am learning slowly myself!

I, too, am on a wait 2 months wait and see regime (but in the meantime I booked the private consultant). Unfortunately, for me the palpitations have only got worse. I guess it's fair enough that they see if it goes away before they start more serious treatment, especially if there is a specific cause (in my cause, I had severe anxiety following 2 eye operations).


.. a long winding road indeed and confusing but you have made a a good move connecting up to this forum.. Good luck with the ride its a bit bumpy so hang on and you wilkl win through.

good luck


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