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Complete Knee Replacement: Any thoughts on the use of NOACS over the operation period?

I am due for a complete knee replacement.

Dabigatran with its half life of 12 hours was halted for 24 hours for my two catheter ablations (still in sinus rhythm).

This was also tied into plasma phoresis ( blood cleaning) to reduce white blood corpuscles levels a couple of days beforehand; due to a lymphoma.

Any thoughts on following the same timings for the knee work?


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Dear DavDug

The period of time required for cessation of anticoagulants before a procedure depends on the anticoagulant and the bleeding risk associated with the procedure. For instance, during minor surgery and procedures, some consultants are happy to continue with anticoagulation. However, a total knee replacement may pose slightly more bleeding risk. I would suggest contacting your consultant, highlighting that you are currently taking dabigatran and they will be able to guide you regarding stopping it before the procedure taking into account your full medical history.

Kind regards


Senior Patient Services


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