I have just received my checkup appointment to see my EP on Christmas Eve. I had my ablation in February this year and over all things have been good. I have had bouts of AF in June and September and still take 100mg flecainide twice daily. My life has returned to normal and I'm the moment. My decision when I see my EP is whether I have a second ablation. He said pretty much the chances were high after my first checkup. I do think the medication is playing a strong part in keeping me in NSR, but it causes me no problems. I'm thinking do I carry on as I am and see what the future brings or do I plump for another ablation and try and get this AF nailed good and proper ??

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  • Things sound good, Jason! I've just taken the ablation route again, having had one in March last year. I was getting fairly trivial AF, but it was starting to increase in frequency and intensity. I was not on flecainide except as a PiP.

  • I agree with Rellim.

  • I'm OK on my drugs at the moment but if I was offered an ablation (assuming the EP recommended it), then I'd go that route. It might not work but my first one did very well.

    I don't like taking drugs even if they appear not to have any side-effects.


  • Hi Jason,

    Good to hear from you again, l cannot help you with your decision, but l'm sure you will make the right one when the time comes.

    Best Wishes


  • I was thinking just the same thoughts as you when the flecanide stopped working overnight! Then followed 6 weeks in and out of A.F. and atrial tachycardia with a resting heart rate of 95 then just as suddenly last week it started working again so back in N.S.R. with H.R. of 60.. I don't know what all that's about but I am definitely going for second ablation!

  • AF begets AF. It is obviously the flecainide that is really holding it at bay. If you were drug free then that would be a differnt story and a different decision. Personally my gut feeling is to go for second ablation, after all that is what was expected at the start. I am not medically qualified but I would have thought that the more paths that are blocked now the less likely you will get breakthroughs and you may be able to come of flecainide totally. I am using an analogy of a stream of water!!!

  • No contest! Clearly ablation No 1 didn't quite do the trick. No 2 probably will. Why would you want to put up with 'bouts of AF' which will become progressively worse over time? Strike while the iron is hot and end the nightmare of AF once and for all. You know it makes sense.

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