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Thanks as always to BobD. Thanks to Swale, Jennydog and Rellim re: your advice and comments about Flecainide taken with other meds. I'll speak to my cardio bloke next time - at least I'll be armed with a few facts and figures. Thanks again guys.

Happy silly season to all and a healthy,problem free 2016 - preferably in continuous sinus rhythm.



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Thank you for such a nice post

I recognised the value of this site when my Cardiologist said " You are very astute." Everything that I had learned had come from here and it becomes obvious that a good Cardiologist recognises, and is grateful for, a knowledgeable patient.

Good luck with the Consultation.


Thanks for that. I didn't mention that I used to take flecainide on a daily basis, 100mgs x 2 per day and then 150 x 2. I was able to stop taking it a little after my second ablation last year. I take it everywhere with me now as a PiP but very rarely need take it. But it has always worked when I have, although 50mgs has not always been enough.

All good wishes to you too,


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